changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

the livejournalers are coming.

and my house remains a wreck. i don't care if people are tired about hearing people bitch about the heat. it is just plain old MOTHERFUCKING HOT here. i cannot function anymore. these children + this heat. i have lost the will. for something. to care about cleaning or the embarrassment that accompanies having not cleaned.

i at least procured some food items from whole foods. plums (two kinds). strawberries. avocados which will probably be brown on the inside, but i'm still hopeful they'll turn into guacamole. there's bread that isn't whole wheat. cans of soup in case there's some kind of natural disaster or should the london riots spread to the university place condos and parkit market. there's some hummus, because that's what i made robin eat last time. i thought baba ganoush might be too cutesy. and we might get some from a restaurant anyway. one that serves everything drenched in oil and is thusly, aptly named fadi's.

whole foods has stopped carrying the road's end elbow macaroni, in addition to no longer carrying the shells. there will be mutiny soon when my current supply runs out. and it does not take long for the macaroni to run out around here, with it being the most oft requested meal. i was nearly beaten yesterday for giving in and starting a batch of elbows with tofu and olives when i should have clearly understood oliver wanted MACARONI FOR DINNER SANDWICH FOR LUNCH.

anyhow. whole foods. every last bar of their chocolate was GONE. dave stood on top of the tea shelves and told me it had all MELTED. can you believe that? if heat is hot enough to go and melt chocolate, can you just imagine what it would do to a human being?

dropping oliver off at gym camp this afternoon was kind of weird. i got us there 10 minutes early so i could sit with him a bit and watch. it was sheer chaos. five thousand children sprinkled everywhere. elizabeth and morgan showed up and elizabeth claimed she knew what to do. i'm glad at least she was there for me to leave my child with. apparently, you just toss your kid in there on the pile and leave. like, you don't stick them with an adult initially. i kept looking for him as i was walking out, but he had completely disappeared. just GONE. like melted chocolate. for all i know, he was out back watching the older kids smoke candy cigarettes. during the olden days, he would have just had a complete psychological breakdown. they probably would have had to call the fire department to drag him out from under the bleachers.

i need merry maids.
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