changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

the fourth of july.

so i had eschewed further social efforts with barbara and christie in order to alleviate my husband from out-of-town time and to alleviate myself from inability-to-sleep-with-violet time and to alleviate ttyki from diabetes-in-an-unfamiliar-place time and dashed back to dallas in order to attend a fireworks show the following day.

little did i know, because he always waits until the last minute to tell me, brian had decided to sequester himself the whole holiday with work. i was rather displeased with this, as i recalled the hours spent sitting in a chair at my parents, moving in and out of naps instead of using his laptop. as well as the night prior with no laptop. and this was not the first time this has happened. so there were other straws on my back and this put me in a foul mood for the day.

he finally relented and we went to sol's for dinner and finally used up our last of five social living coupons.

at 7:45pm, we were on the road to our second annual viewing of fireworks at grapevine lake. we returned to the marina used by Xdrenaline Paintball. really? Xdrenaline? what is that even.

i placated children with bananas and pretzels. thank goodness i at least had that in my arsenal as it was past bedtime by the time we arrived and spread out our blanket and towels to wait and violet's outward appearance was fast becoming that of a drunk. it was good times in spades, woo hoo, as she cut serpentine paths around us and threw herself on brian's back with her arms around his neck.

darkness finally fell far enough for them to set fires to explosives. it was delightful, in much the same way every fireworks show i've ever been to is delightful. we had to remind the children to watch them, on occasion. and then we engaged a foot race back to the car, trying to beat out everyone else footracing to cars. for whatever reason, the trip back was much less congested than last year. like not even a hack.






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