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changing lives since 2003

6/19: father's day.

father's day fell mere moments after the decline of the boisterous, exhausting family birthday party. as a result, it was a pretty boring day for dear old daddy.

he was able to squeeze in one fun trip and that was to good records.

we were under the gun to choose some tile for the shower and so we had a field trip to home depot, where our children were given balloons filled with the lung air and fresh spittle of a friendly home depot lady while we stood staring at shower heads with our mouths hanging open and our eyes shimmering like glassy marbles.

we were rather unimpressed by the minuscule selection of shower tile that was not travertine or quartz or whatever else it is people seem to like putting in their showers these days. i kept bumping into this one pattern where it was matte white hex tile with little diamond shapes in between. but that would basically equal more money in grout work. i guess. i think.

here it is. the tile that was installed in my imaginary shower.

we might have gone to target. i bet we did. and then i believe there was lunching.

our nap drive was to Floor and Decor tile outlet, way over by that odd little asian restaurant we went to once upon a time, new veggie start or something, as well as king spa, where brian semi-recently spent that enchanted evening in matching outfits celebrating the birth of nichole. we took turns inside and confirmed how i'm terrible at visualizing details in situ. my tile decision amounted to whatever-you-think, where you=brian. that's when we tossed a dart at the shiny 6 inch tile that no one ever uses.

we eventually went over to kalachandji's for dinner. it was so fucking hot, we went straight to the booth in the darkest corner of the indoor dining room and cowered from the sun's white hot bull whip made of white hot. oliver had been very sweet to pack his new rainbow suitcase full of toys for violet, in case she started acting up. and then he spent the whole time there loudly lamenting the stinkiness of the joint and picking at the faux shutter and laying down on the bench seat, telling brian that brian was taking up too much room. violet sat in her little chair, quiet as a hare krishnan monkey.

we ate fried bitter melon. it was bitter.

i think we ended the night on a grumpy note, for one of those many ridiculous reasons we have for ending the night on a grumpy note. i think this was where i invited brian to cuddle incorrectly.

it took some doing to remove daddy from bed.

experimental dancing at good records.


a drive around the neighborhood to occupy my time while brian stared at tiles.

glad my kids were in the car!

i fancied these trees had been purchased and never officially planted.

we were there! my father's day outfit was a pair of shorts with suspenders.


he had to carry the suitcase.

we were there! judging by this and another recent photo, i'm starting to think my boobs are crooked. i wouldn't put it past them.

"i made these children."
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