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there was a rest of mother's day after all that deathly choking business.

i seem to always have the yearning on mother's day to have brian take photos of poor quality of me with one to two squirming children. since none of them ever come out, i have decided this year to post the progression of failure. i'd scroll them, but i know how you people loathe such things.


and that really about sums up life with children.

oh, and violet finally, happily allowed me to put pigtails in her hair for the first time for 42 seconds.


we hoofed off into the mild heat to our favorite mother's day destination: fair park. we started off at a picnic table overlooking the pond and let the kids tear into leftover pancakes and pears and seitan and whatever else fell out of the fridge when i opened it.


oliver collected the fennel seeds from his seitan and fashioned a rather clever double acorn hat container for them.

we let oliver make a smashed penny in the smashed penny machine and the kids rumpussed through the gift shop before we headed on over to the lagoon. i realized just how infrequently it is that i see a dinosaur skeleton when i found myself standing agog by


a line of lonely swan and duck boats beckoned to us from across the foamy waters and oliver could not resist their cries. we began wandering on over and feeling the increasing impact of the heat. we decided all four of us should give it a go this year and the attendants agreed we'd all fit. violet dissented, and rather quickly, with increasing vehemence. we had to start paddling for all we were worth to get around the fountain and docked again to get her the hell up out of there before she went overboard. i think i was feeling a bit swoonish and, as it was the day of my prerogative, decided brian should continue the swan journey with oliver, as i had gotten to do it the year prior. i attempted to enjoy the slightly cooler environment under the trees, shoreside.


violet quickly became ornery again and we started walking back around to the giant elephant-mammoth-what have you. brian didn't dally long under the sunshine and in his jeans before meeting us over there. that mammoth was sizzling hot. we fried vegan eggs on the undersides of its paws.


it is the two of us in a photo simultaneously.


we wanted to sit on the bench swing on our way back out, but there was this thespian group of some sort begging for attention by practicing i don't know what and don't want to know what in a grand, sweeping, look-at-me fashion. oliver really wanted to go to the swing, which was directly on the border of their country and i said screw them. we can sit on that swing. and it was kind of awkward, but short-lived.

that would have been the day when we decided it would be a fantastic idea to go to the paciugo in lakewood. violet was sacked out in the car, so brian and oliver ran in. and, of course, they had no soy options for mommy on MOMMY'S day. just that cloying fruity stuff. it was okay. i was on the fence about it anyway, considering what i knew what was going to be shaking down come dinnertime.

the next fabulous idea upon arriving home was to grab a beer and sit on the courtyard stoop while the kids ran around the nature. which was actually really nice.

not long after, we (i) packed up food for the kids and we went to kalachandji's. there was bbq tofu there, oh my god. and lots of it. went into my face. i'm glad they didn't end up having the vegan peach cobbler advertised on their daily online menu, because there was just no sane way i could have layered it on top of the other business going on in my stomach without some dire consequences.

there are photos there as well. to prove it really happened.

robin and adrienne. are we going to kalachandji's in august? i don't even know what everyone's current set of dietary restrictions are.

ps: oliver made button flowers for me at school and paper flowers at an impromptu oil and cotton art class i whisked him off to the friday prior.

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