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if that's what you're going to do, bananas are the best thing to do it with. i should know.

violet waited all the way until 4am to do her waking up in the middle of the night thing last night. i didn't notice brian going in there, but i did keep hearing her making little outbursts. i had no sense of time, so i couldn't tell you how chronic it was.

oliver was up bright and early for no school at 6:15am. just like he was saturday and sunday. it wouldn't be so bad except for the fact that he is 100% incapable of being still. CANNOT DO IT. and i had a flash, lying there while he rolled around on my feet, that he was going to move into the inflexible environment of the public school system and come home one day with an ADHD diagnosis, or whatever the new ADD will be that year. but i'll know it's the public school and not the montessori child. no diagnoses coming from the montessori people. so, i guess that's good and bad all rolled together.

anyhow. violet came out with brian around 6:30 and she hasn't peed, so she goes on to the potty. but she gets really grumpy and won't stay there and i put her diaper back on after awhile. after that, she crawled up on my lap in horizontal mode and just laid there. that's not as alarming as when oliver just lays there (see above), as violet is a more low-key child. not low-key, just more low-key.

brian comes out of the shower at some point and says to oliver, "oliver! happy birthday! you're FIVE!" and he says it such a way that i don't know what the hell he's doing and it seems like a weird joke to play on a little kid and i'm thinking it's for my benefit because the night before he's saying something like, "oliver's birthday isn't tomorrow, is it?" or "isn't oliver's birthday on tuesday?" and i said something like, "you don't know whether or not your child's birthday is tomorrow?" and he took this to mean oliver's birthday was the next day. which it's not. and i'm thinking that's still kind of flimsy and shows just how much i'm in charge of every detail of every holiday around here that he can be so easily and accidentally convinced that oliver's birthday is hours away when it's not. i think brian would be happiest if he could crawl into a cave and never celebrate anything ever again.

so brian gets all pissy with me, saying i totally tricked him on purpose and i'm a liar. and this puts me in a terrible mood. much like yesterday when he insinuated i should be up and cleaning some more for the party in two weeks.

so, she lies there lays there long enough that i keep thinking she's asleep and i'll look and she's just peeking at the kera programming. this goes on for awhile before i get up to get ttyki's food and shot. i give her a banana, violet not ttyki. she eats 66% of it. and chugs four half tea cups of water. i think i see her shaking and her lips seem a little pale. brian thinks she's all out of it because she didn't sleep well (foreshadowing red flag), which is making him grumpy. then, as i'm coming out of the bathroom and brian is approaching the bathroom, he starts getting really intense about something violet is slipping and slithering around in. like falling down in it. and he wants to know if a cat threw up. only if a cat ate a banana.

she's covered in her own banana-water puke and sliding around and all she cares about is the 33% of her banana that's lying on the floor under the dinner table and she grieves and mourns loudly as i deposit it in the trash can. we clean her up and i give her what was left in the peel.

for all you childless people out there who have not had the luxury of reading my other entries about vomiting children... kids, they'll vomit and then be the most hunky dory creatures you have ever seen and you figure it was just a one off and you get all comfortable and then blap. they do it all over again. and again. and sometimes, again.

violet is busy doing what i can only imagine is fashioning her next batch of vomit by scarfing seven handfuls of cereal and five half tea cups of water. our 11:05am fates depend on her next move. first day of swim lessons and all.

speaking of scarfing... i'm having my first etsy issue with this older lady from whom i ordered a rainbow variety of vintage chiffon scarves for violet's birthday. maybe this was a 70s preschool thing, but i remember having regular hootenannies at the old caldwell play school with everyone running around like butterflies with those scarves. so i neglected to notice this was the first item this woman had sold, not that that would have kept me from ordering. that was may 3rd. i've sent two emails over the last week, the second of which i pulled out the "this is for my baby girl's birthday" card. nothing. WHERE ARE MY FUCKING BUTTERFLY SCARVES? brian and i fancied it was a scam where someone wants to make big bucks by pretending to be a lady retired from higher education selling seven vintage crocheted collars who has a fake purchase by someone on 5/17 claiming they will use one of these beautiful crocheted collars for a "steampunk" tshirt she's making to be worn with the "steampunk" necklaces she creates. i am not making this particular part up, by the way. i have just finished ordering two other sets from other sellers. there is the chance that violet will soon be the owner of the largest vintage chiffon scarf collection in the dallas-fort worth metroplex.

finally did ttyki's blood glucose curve yesterday. i've gotten much better at drawing blood, especially after the vet insisted there was no way i could punch all the way through her ear. for the record, i am all of a sudden punching all the way through her ear like crazy. i've also been experiencing a really bad track record for getting the injection into her body. i keep going in and back out the other side with the needle. she's so thin, there is hardly anywhere to give the shot. nothing. she's a four pound magic cat now eating between 1.5 and 2 large cans of wet cat food a day and producing little in the way of poop. maybe ozzy is eating them.
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