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changing lives since 2003

the merry, merry month of june.

i suppose this is my last day of relative mind freedom before having to admit the month of june (or, month of doom) has officially arrived to destroy my sanity. it's also a good day to make a post before i get caught in the whirlwind of not-posting that is still holding xmas, among others, hostage.

i was able to cross a couple of things off my list this morning: getting all the family party invitations out and getting all the friend party invitations out. which sounds like a simple task. and yet, i always manage to get swallowed whole by whatever it is i'm doing.

i found these letter press cards on clearance and am wondering if i shouldn't just go ahead and get another set to start filling out for next year and wouldn't just make a fantastic person? or at least a crazy one?

so, a couple of months ago, i decided the best invitation around for his little gym party would be gleaned from his animal gym goldenbook. those paintings of animals in tiny gym shortlettes crack me up. and, of course, his animal gym book went missing and i checked all under his bed three times and found everything else that's ever gone missing and finally spent the three dollars for another copy and then, they found his copy of animal gym yesterday under his bed. as usual, the project turned into a monster. i needed to download gimp and there wasn't enough memory on this computer, so i had to use brian's computer, which has an infinite amount of problems connecting to our apparently horrendous wireless router. then, i had to learn a few things about using gimp. and it took some time scanning the book and trying to use some pre-gimp software. and then i had to cut and paste all the existing text out in a way that didn't look like i had, because the background has this graded airbrushed quality. then, i had to put in the new text. then, i tried to figure out how to make everything look right on the kinkos printing upload thing. then, i realized i wanted bigger text and i had forgotten to include "No gifts, please!" and that's when i learned that clicking on that Export message when you're saving in gimp does not, in fact, save your layers and thank god i had saved a copy pre-my text and post goldenbooks text and i got to start all that over. and i needed more room on the bottom and had to figure out how to add a strip down there and fortunately all that actually ended up making it fit a little better with the kinko's format and then i realized i needed to worry that they were going to refuse to print them due to copyright infringement. i didn't even bother waiting for their email answering my technical questions, i was just so tired of it. and it came out swell. with an extra large border, who cares. and i'm glad i went ahead because still no email yet.


i finally figured out who all is in his class, wrote their names on the invitations, and had oliver deliver them to cubbies this morning. which also happens to be annual crazy hat and crazy sock day.

today, i have to figure out how to make delectable pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for the four summerchildren birthday extravaganza they're having tomorrow. it has turned into an outdoor picnic with party plates and napkins, strawberries and whipped cream, lemonade, and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. which i'm sure will melt in the freshly minted summery heat.

thursday is the last day of school, if one can call it that, considering it ends at 10:30am. then it is ON.

we're working on getting an estimate to have our shower replaced with money saved for a house. because we can't sell this place and get a house with a rotten shower that the previous owners painted over. we have to call back out the freezer repair people to re-repair the motor. we have to call back out the range repair people to re-repair the panel that was installed crookedly and which i finally tried to use the other day and had break again while showing brian how difficult it was to get the buttons to work and so now they don't work at all. we've decided to spend 8 hours of the next two weeks having oliver take swimming lessons. some people are coming around to weatherize this place on the 9th, i think, and there are threats of them being in our attic, a place where we store our illegal contraband. oliver's birthday, which will feature the now traditional four-person pizza party at the park with presents, is on the seventh. the family party is on the 18th. i think the four weeks of half day summer camp starts on the 20th. violet's pizza party at the park birthday is on the 21st. father's day is on the 22nd. our anniversary is on the 23rd. the little gym party is on the 25th. melody's poolside baby shower is on the 26th. my head exploding is on the 27th.

i have to figure out how to make a cut up giraffe cake, which will involve purchasing a new cake pan. and figuring out cupcakes in an accompanying theme, since the cake comes out of a small pan and is one layer and that way i can have way too much cake left over to wreck any kind of weight loss progress i might be experiencing. i'm thinking of turning in my ice cream cone cupcake dream for the friend party because, with 25 children in his class, there could be as many as 50 kids, including siblings. or, there might be 10. who knows. all i know is that the little gym is going to make a fucking killing. and don't they always? anyway. with my now negative bank balance, save for the tax return monies slotted for paying for school, and no appreciable working hours on the horizon, or on the horizon behind me for the past month or so, i don't see myself spending extra money on organic ice cream cones, much less trying to transport more than a small amount in my car without them knocking all together and making me lose some more of my shit. oh lord, i hate figuring birthday cake business out. especially when not using chemical food colorings. which is why the giraffe cake has a promising future. there's a peanut butter frosting recipe in my vegan cupcakes take over the world cookbook, you know.

i have finished purchasing birthday presents for both children. which also always turns into a behemoth of time loss. there's always that.

and i think the simple act of reading over this post, which has illuminated the fact that i just posted my phone number on the internet, has given me a bout of tachycardia.
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