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well there it was right upon us. the next holiday in the list. easter. blazing with all its resurrected glory straight from the year 2010.

that thursday was the hunt at oliver's school. violet and i ran back up there in the misting sprinkles and lined up in the hall. we followed his class out to the dewy grass and watched them as they received their instructions to hunt for 17 eggs. where'd all the extra eggs come from? and then they were off like balls from canons. oliver was much more aggressive this year and i could not keep up with him, considering his fast pace combined with violet's snail's pace. the easter rabbit was there again and i finally recognized her as the mother who had tried to help me calm oliver down in the hall at school recently when he totally flipped out because he wanted to exit the other door and he just about pulled my sweatpants down in the middle of the school. anyhow. his friend, catie, convinced him to go over and have their photo taken. violet maintained a persistent show of clinging to my leg and staying away from that rabbit.


the following day was a school holiday. and even a rare work holiday for me. i think we ran some errands in there somewhere. when do we not.

i just about darned near forgot all about that easter egg coloring business and in its wake, tried to decide if that wasn't for the best, considering our near-veganism and all. with oliver being the age he is and possessing its accompanying abilities to remember things, it's kind of made traditions critical, as far as getting them put where they need to be.

but it was just too hard to think quite that much so quickly. i had to scrounge together two dozen matched easter egg halves and stuff them with animal stickers and deliver them to the school and attend to a cat of flailing health and all that. so i mixed up mugs of turmeric, passion tea, grape juice, red cabbage juice, and beet juice and tossed some eggs in to sit friday afternoon. after daddy arrived home, we pulled those out to discover they all had created these weird, bubbly skins with eggs underneath that didn't look all that different. except for the beet and turmeric. and the beet kind of disappeared while sitting in the fridge and i was feeling pretty fuck it. the eggs had already looked pretty spectacular before all that business.

after dinner, i finally worked up the gumption to pull out those moldy wooden eggs and mixed up four bowls of paint and prayed to someone's god as i placed children in front of the paints. i was mighty impressed by their incredible restraint in the face of paint. especially violet, as i had assumed it would take her thirty seconds to repaint my dining room wall in some kind of 80s pollock-revival fashion.

but no. she carefully, gingerly dabbed this one end of the egg over and over and over as i handed her different brushes. i tried to convince her to paint other areas of the egg. didn't want any mold showing. she eventually figured out the hilarity of painting her arm, but still didn't get too carried away. oliver was a perfect gentleman at the egg canvas and carefully painted a series of egss on his egg.

i believe i have embraced a new level of veganism that includes painting wooden eggs instead of the regular kind.


right on.

so we broke our refrigerator friday night and i tossed and turned and dreamed about it and stressed out knowing every second it took us to get ready was another second before we could commandeer my parents' operational refrigerator. which means i stressed stressed stressed until the food, the insulin, the eggs, the easter baskets, the easter goods, the children, the clothing, the toiletries, the diapers, the husband, and the cat were all packed into my toyota camry with the broken antennae and burned out headlamp. i said headlamp.

and then i began to carefully, gently unfurl.

we arrived at my parents at a very respectable hour and reversed the packing process with a little something called unpacking. changed diapers. fed people. put people back in the car and headed to the illustrious broadway square mall with my mom in tow. we located the rabbit hole and discovered yet another vague holiday photo message about lunch and being back in 45 minutes, 45 minutes from when?

we were second in line and eventually saw the rabbit and an easter elf approaching and i held on to my hat. i tried to make sure brian was pointing violet's face in the rabbit's direction to kind of acclimate her. i don't think it was helping and i warned brian his ass was going in the chair if things got ugly, which i knew they would.

while we had been dining at my parents' house, i had set out last year's photo so oliver could copy it (to scale even) to give to the rabbit as a peace offering. he also had brian draw one and he found a rock somewhere in the yard as well. so there he was, all lined up and his hands stuffed to the tips with presents for that rabbit. the rabbit was obviously feeling some heat and enjoyed languishing in front of the floor fan in between rabbit duties. i said rabbit duties.

oliver kept trying to offer his offerings and the rabbit was either too unable to hear through its head or too drugged out from being a teenager in a rabbit suit and so just kind of made quiet and generic rabbit gesticulations. i kept telling oliver to just drop the goods in the rabbit's basket (where kids were supposed to grab some candy post-photo).

anyhow, oliver happily climbed up on the rabbit's lap (his paws were thankfully less green this year than last) and violet flipped and i was like, get her out of there and brian picked her up and sat down and stood up again halfway through the camera click and sat back down for a full camera click and then got out of there. oliver deposited his wares in the basket and we took off. halfway back to sears, i told brian that oliver's plan for the rock was for the rabbit to bring it back to nana and grandpa's house and hide it for him and i convinced brian to go back for it and he did.

2011 easter

we all headed on over to this new "grocery store concept by brookshire's" called Fresh where it's sort of like a central market and a whole foods and a brookshire's all crammed alarmingly together. we were super overwhelmed and didn't get too far, like to the part where i could get a beer and walk around shopping with it. i was surprised to see them carrying macaroni and chreese.

we headed home and hung out for awhile blowing bubbles on the patio and enjoying the great outdoors. ttyki experienced the glory of not being a prisoner in her own home and did her best to sample all the potentially poisonous plants in the back yard before being redirected to the chives. after having it happen three times, i couldn't ignore the fact that violet is wildly jealous of me holding/carrying ttyki and she would fall into a tearful wail every time she witnessed it.


we worked up the courage to actually take children out to a restaurant. we chose el charro and everyone was relatively well-behaved and i didn't have to end dinner ruing the day.

children were put down, to bed, and i proceeded to put stickers and easter gummies and raisins into cardboard easter eggs, which encouraged dad to get a jump on his easter eggs. then brian, dad, and i sat down to watch a series of unfortunate events. and i passed out somewhere in there until violet woke up at 1:15 and i spent the next 2.25 hours opening my eyes ever two minutes to violet's face smiling and saying, "mommy! mommy!" and me saying, "lay down. lay down. go to sleep." ad infinitum. this is status quo for violet sleeping the night away from home, using the word "sleeping" lightly.

at the last second before totally blowing it, i remembered to go dig that rock out of my purse and toss it in front of the door where oliver was sleeping so he would find it when he woke up. a little good-natured horse's head message from the easter rabbit. i had told him the rabbit would come in the night to hide stuff in the yard, but, uh, it would be invisible until, uh, grandpa and i went out there after lunch, and, uh, like, did some magical stuff or, followed some instructions from the easter bunny and then, uh, you'll have to go out there with your innocent child magical eyes to see if you can see it after that. but you can't peek or it won't work!

my sister's family arrived and my dad and i sneaked around via the sideyard to go hide easter stuffs and then it was on. considering violet did not have two-legged ambulations a year ago, this was her first official easter hunt and she carried her little yellow pail around like she knew what she was doing. when my niece was little, i always helped carry her basket and lead her toward the eggs. this year, she was violet's assistant. oliver had totally gone overboard back home and wanted to bring every last basket, bag, bucket, and box he could find to make sure he had plenty of room. he refused to carry his aqua pail.

oliver tore around, taking care not to collect violet's pink eggs, though we did have to have a quick talk when he wanted to have both of the wind up bunnies for himself.

we finished up with the loot and sat down to dinner. the kids enjoyed the traditional pb&j with a side of tofu mac and chreese.

be pleased that i forgot my digital camera despite leaving it on top of my purse so i wouldn't forget it so now my parents own the bulk of the photos.


she looks angry in this one.

my sad attempt at showing there were people there who did not live in my womb at some point.

she works with a team.

welcome to easter prison... finding the egg she painted.


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