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money matters.

i cannot tell you how stressed out the past week has made me.

i already talked about ttyki's vet appointment the sunday before the sunday when the Lord rose. and i talked about how the Lord was too busy getting ready to rise to make her blood glucose levels fall in the normal range.

the family outing thursday night was to the vet's to get a refresher on sticking kittens with needles. i fed children and scurried us out the door to get us there by 6:30. i didn't realize we wouldn't be ushered straight back like royalty. brian tried to appease children while i sat around looking anxious. i received my bill, which i was expecting to be in the neighborhood of $300. it was for over $700, rounding out my cat costs to a little over a thousand for the week. which is about right for your average, newly-diabetic cat. so it's starting to seem. i felt a little better when i realized that included one hundered individually wrapped syringes, a course of antibiotics (already cut into quarters), a bottle of $145 insulin (i later found it lasts until october), and a blood glucose monitor. and one can of incredibly, deliciously disugsting wet cat food. alright. whatever.

we finally got back there and little people were approaching bedtime. the vet tech hauled a big (reusable!) bag out with all our door prizes in it. she was preparing to show us how to use the monitor and it kept giving her error messages and kids were becoming rather loud and unruly and had to exit for a bit. she went away to find another and came back saying they had none and would have to order it and would use their monitor for entertainment purposes. she was also carrying a little stuffed dog to show us the stick zone for administering the glucose. i told her i preferred her victim to the one used by the previous vet clinic, which was their in house cat. and she said, oh... we're going to use a real cat. and she left and came back with a FAT ozzy look alike that made me gasp a little. i mean, an ozzy bigger than ozzy?

i couldn't help but ask if a cat that size didn't have some health issues and she confirmed he does, in fact, have the diabetes. and then she stabbed him in the ear until he bled and he received no golden hoop earring for his troubles. he did have a normal blood glucose level, which is good to know because who wants to take their cats to a clinic where the diabetic clinic cat does not have well-maintained blood glucose levels?

brian was looking all grumpy through this and kind of peeing on my parade where i'm glad my cat hadn't simply dropped dead and didn't seem to be planning to drop dead in the near future. and i asked him what was wrong during the glucose monitor break and he said he was tired and hungry because he hadn't eaten since lunch, and i admit to taking a bit of offense.

ttyki started her tinkler pills that night and had her first injection the following morning. you have to do this thing where 10-12 hours after the injection on the third day, you do a reading and i was never really sure what the hell to do after that if it was out of range, so i just kind of crossed my fingers. even though i knew it would surely be out of range since she was on a very cautious initial dose. unfortunately, that little time frame fell on sunday evening, a couple of hours after a drive in the car after being in a semi-strange place for 30 hours and a couple of hours after listening to two small people act like naps are designed to make you more cranky instead of less. there was lots of screaming and crying to be had, oh my lord.

a normal reading for a cat is something like 110-168, or what have you. ttyki's reading was 482. well. i wasn't expecting quite that much sugary sweetness. if she had been cut in a razor blade cat fight at that point, her skin would have oozed out hard candies. i left a message with the vet's office immediately, not because she was about to die but so that i would make sure to leave the right number. hello, i'm still sitting here waiting for a call back. which i find irritating. i would like that cat to start feeling better sooner rather than later. no one here is getting any younger.

part II. friday night, i hear a series of ominous popping, knocking sounds coming from our freezer area. at some point in the past year, it decided to stop working for maybe four or five hours, after a different set of wheezing, whirring, squealing noises, and then it came back to life and we were able to pretend nothing had ever happened. i suppose this occurred during financially less sound times.

well, there you go with the popping, followed shortly by me commenting on the lack of crispy coolness of my beer. followed shortly by me wanting to have a melt down because i realized i have no idea how to live a life, especially with small children, without a cooling device and i can't bear to throw out food and let's never mind about the $145 bottle of insulin opened just that day.

in case i wasn't already stressed out by easter preparations and cat fixings and financial stresses and overnight tripping, this was going to certainly be the thing to push me over the edge. i mean, in retrospect it seems like it shouldn't be such a big deal, but my first response tends to be one of panic. i have to wind myself up like a rubberband on the one side of an ordeal in order to propel myself to the other side.

we came back from easter to a working fridge. of course. brian threw out all kinds of things and we stuck a couple of others into my parents' ice chest. we ate frozen dinners.

somewhere in there, we learned that our home warranty covers everything but the kitchen sink. and the refrigerator. no one wants to come out to give a free estimate without repair, so it was kind of a gamble, considering this is a $400 fridge we're talking about here. but we don't like to just toss things out and prefer to mend, so out came dallas metro appliance and they quoted something in the $200 range and okay.

and then, they queried us about our stovetop. a couple of weeks ago, brian and his mighty finger were doing something with the little panel where you set the clock and timer and turn the oven on and off and POP! it just snapped its way off the little brackets and sunk back into the housing. and we laughed with the ridiculousness of it and the knowledge that we might as well just put it on the same list where our shower is supposed to be finding new tile and kept on using the thing.

so the repairmen are all... oh. the way the connectors are set up in there? if you use it, the electricity could arc up out of there and electrocute you. so we now have no fridge and no stove. and no call from the refrigerator people with our new part and no call from the stove people and no call from the vet. and plenty of money falling out of my bank account and, as of yesterday, absolutely no work for me at work for who knows how long.

what i've learned from this is don't make ramen in the microwave.
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