changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

i do more before 9am than some versions of me do all day.

it's 8:54am. i'm kind of ready for post-children's-bedtime.

ttyki seems like she's doing worse all of a sudden. brian discovered she had peed all over oliver's room at some point(s). he rolled up the rug and hauled it to the trash, which we wanted to do anyway. she peed on top of his craft table. she peed in the plastic lid of a box. she was let out of the bathroom and peed somewhere else i don't know, i just know brian blew into our bedroom where i was trying to get violet to sleep in order to have a not-particularly-hushed conversation about it.

she was lying next to the water bowl and didn't even notice for probably a minute that juana was right there next to her drinking from it. she was like, oh! where did you come from all of a sudden?

she kept wanting to sleep with her face over the water bowl. i was afraid she'd drown. then, i put down some kibble and she was all over it. maybe her blood was just wanting a snack.

this morning, i got up 45 minutes early. i opened the bathroom door and called to her a couple of times with no response. i could see she was breathing. i touched her. nothing. checked for more breathing. touched her again and she finally woke up. what kind of cat?

there wasn't any pee on the floor, but the last day or two she's been laying down some non-ttyki like turdlettes and appeared to have spent some quality time in solitary doing that. i cleaned those up and got my head and arm pits ready. then, since ozzy was forced to go an entire 8 hours without food or water, i cleaned up a pile of binge that was cleverly lining a couple of feet of the phone cord.

i made oliver's breakfast and lunch and then packed ttyki up to go to the vet for her ultrasound. while checking her in, the girl asked if she had eaten this morning. i proudly said she had, thinking how the vet had said to make sure she eats before giving an insulin injection. and then, i remembered the note on my timesheet spreadsheet that's been looking at me for the past day and a half that was saying to not feed her after 10pm the night before and i almost started crying. i managed to get out my phone number and returned home to finish getting kids ready and to clean out oliver's easter pail and get some chartreuse tissue paper to line it with and get him off to school.

it's misting out there. i'll be returning to the school for the 10:15 egg hunt. and returning again for the 3:15pm pick up time. no school tomorrow. good friday and all that. in an unusual turn, i'm also off from work friday and saturday, which isn't saying much this week.

last night, i invoked the energy waves of coincidence by noticing no one had been puking for a little while and, having done this more times than i can count, i knew there was a wave of puke headed my way. you've already read about the one this morning. yesterday, oskar initiated the first vomit tsunami and it landed all over our bed.

i'm feeling really tired and strung out this week. i don't see it getting better any time soon. i should start meditating. my friends are trying to convince me to go to camp gladiator. i am scared of this.

violet is here. she has crapped her pants. back to work.
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