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march. a parade of parades.

this is the march 2011 parade edition of my livejournal. i suppose parades taking place in march makes sense, now that i think about it.

the annual greenville st. patrick's day parade was on saturday 3/12. i believe i wrote extensively about this weekend, but couldn't remember where we were dashing off to after the soccer game. we were dashing off to the parade. which was starting as the game was ending, or something like that.

after fleeing back to the house, we put some sandwiches in a box and waters in bottles and grabbed the stroller and hoofed it down the road. oliver was having a disagreeable reaction to the handholding requirement. if he doesn't hold hands, he lollygags way behind and university has way too many cars and, on parade day, way to many drunk drivers and parade-walkers. there were discussions and negotiations and mentions of going back home before we finally progressed all the way to the avenue.

it was the usual. smoke in the air. beer on the ground. people dressed as martians. frat boys in kilts. this is the year oliver really got into the whole necklace-tossing thing. he found some rage over daddy not catching any/enough and was acting pretty entitled when brian did catch one. other than that, it was an okay time. we stayed the obligatory 30-45 minutes and actually caught the end of the parade. five zillion people then swarmed into the street and bands set up in the parking lot across the street to carry the party into the night.

we zipped back down to university condo town. somehow, the weather seems to always be smashing on parade day. i didn't want to go inside. i set up shop on the stoop with the kids and let them blow off some steam in the courtyard. well, violet napped a good bit before the steam blowing. i eventually went up and retrieved an iced coffee and life was grand.

brian decided this was a good time to brainwash oliver into playing tennis with him some day. he pulled out oliver's new racquet and the beginner balls and oliver kept on collecting nature. however, violet impressed with some moves. perhaps the target needs to shift.

we later went to kalachandji's for nichole's birthday dinner and passed by the party parking lot. there's a three or four story parking structure. a guy was actually sitting on the barrier of the top level watching the bands, legs facing out. probably intoxicated to some degree. it made me feel weak in the knees. i kept thinking of college students falling off hotel balconies to their spring break deaths.

i hadn't been to kalachandji's since i was four months pregnant with violet and the two hare krishna ladies working the shop asked if i was having twins. it was my first belly insult for that pregnancy. no one commented on my belly this time, so i stuffed it full. the kids were pretty well behaved and martin and rachel were there with a nearly-one-year-old olivia. after, i was in charge of putting children away while brian went with the big people to this bizarre place called king spa where you pay an entrance fee and you put on scrubs, one kind for boys and one kind for girls, and you go into saunas and whirlpools of varying temperatures and you can pay more for things like massages and i don't know what all else. it's an all ages gig that's open 24 hours and kind of freaks me out a little.



there were pabst and red strip beer trucks. and a dallas recycles float. and a kalachandji's float! yea, hare krishnas! when i saw the fleet of bagpipers strolling by, i thought, "alright. some authenticity." and then i remembered bagpipes aren't irish.




you know it was a good day when children pass out in the car. violet's first trip to kalachandji's, out utero. she liked the lion. we saw the parade float parked up the street! what a nice tie in!

the kalachandji's courtyard. if you've never dined here, you should. fans in the heat, heaters in the fan cold. REM wuz here.

creepy, right?
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