changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

35mm: spring 2011

there was that time we went to the gingerman and ahab bowen. later that evening, we took oliver out to the parking lot for a ride on his tricycle.


hey, look! it's the super moon, or whatever hyperbole was used to describe the moon that night. and it's also brian with the super moon and a streetlight. it would appear that cindy sherman was in charge of the lighting. no one was in charge of the focus.


i took the kids to the lakewood park, i think it's called, back when spring was erupting. it's a good place to go for spring eruption as it's bordered by a little field on one side and a creek on the other and it's a very short walk past the old train trestle and bam! you're at the lake. the three of us were walking around in the grass and i noticed wild onions, which i loved trying to pick out intact as a child. and i still love as an adult. i was able to retrieve these huge clumps of tiny bulbs and oliver was pretty jazzed for these bits of Nature. and then, i found a couple that were HUGE, as far as wild onions go. oliver exhibited some brilliance back home by taking one of the paint cups from his easel and turning it into a hydroponic home for the onion. i figured it'd die and turn into slimy mold soon enough. but then i realized it had put on a new chute in no time. and that turned into a flower! and then three flowers! and THEN slimy mold!


weekend before last, we finally got up the gumption to haul it on out to founders plaza at DFW airport. it was windy as all get out, as it tends to be around here these days. we watched the planes land and take off for 20 or 30 minutes and passed around granola bars and decided the kids weren't giving a squat about airplanes at that point and decided it was time to get on with it. and then oliver threw a fit because he was obviously still very interested in the airplanes. and we got in the car anyway. too bad, so sad.


wind: not a friend of hairs.

the dallas-fort worth metroplex is really into these kinds of statues. are we the only city doing this all over the place?
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