changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

the comings along of children.

out of nowhere, violet has become very interested in kissing her hand. like, the first half of blowing a kiss. which he have not covered with her in some months. don't know where it's coming from, but it's obviously pretty cute. she holds her hand up there and kisses it several times in a row. the kissing smack is interspersed with a kind of gutteral click, coming from the same place you would use to make a realistic grunting pig sound. i really don't know how to describe it and my attempts to video have been confounded.

she says i love you like ah wahboo ahboo ahboo ahboo.

i think it's known far and wide that violet is a lover of animals, bordering on the worrisome. there's this plastic can of some kind of digestive aid that brian bought to alleviate the terror caused us by juana's fecal discharges. it lives in the bottom drawer in the bathroom. it has a picture of a dog AND a cat on the label. violet enjoys visiting with these animals. the other day, she pulled the can out of the drawer, did that kissy thing at it, and then rocked it in her arms while she spoke to them.

she also violently loves our real cats. she was beating juana with her head two days ago while i was on the phone with my boss. then she wandered over to the fireplace and bashed her upper lip on the bricks. made one of those creepy blisters on the outside that make you think her tooth was close to coming all the way through. i'm afraid she'll kill ttyki, who is pretty much skin and bones these days. she was "hugging" her at the food bowl this morning and then settling down on the bath mat to read her a story.

yesterday afternoon, oliver wanted to put in cirque du soleil's corteo. the music came on and violet started dancing. she leaned her torso to one side, *fart*, leaned her torso to the other side, *fart*. it's an adorable way to fart. well, depending on who's doing the farting.


oliver has begun laminating his artwork with tape. he also mounts it on colored paper. he took in a laminated, mounted rendition of the statue of liberty for show and tell this morning. along with a bowl of change for the pygmy bank.

he has become suddenly and inexplicably comfortable with talking to people, including strangers. he picked some "corn seeds" out on the school lawn last week and then paper bagged them and insisted on giving them to miss loree, the headmistress. just marched right up and said, "miss loree, i picked these corn seeds." she eventually figured out they were a gift for her. ps: she's in charge of the gardening class, so you know... corn seeds make sense.

a couple of months ago at whole foods, violet spilled an entire container of toothpicks on the floor by a fruit sampling tray. you know, one of those times when you just kind of want to quietly wander away. oliver marched across the produce department, found a worker, and informed him. a couple of weeks ago, he wanted to know if he could get a sticker with his apple juice at starbucks. i said he could ask the guy. he missed his opportunity when he took my card, so i told him he'd have to say it quickly and loudly so the guy would hear him before going away. "I WANT A STICKER!" was how it translated. i think i got him a little too nervous. we re-worded our request. AND GOT A STICKER!



mortal enemies: every time i see this, my head says, "it's the end of days."

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