changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003


i joined evelyn this evening at ye olde plano movie grill to watch matchstick men. i was pleasantly pleased with it. it was more complex than i was expecting and the over the top acting by the daughter redeemed itself after the twists were revealed at the end.

afterwards, i used up the last of my gift card at the starbucks, then the idiot savant in me came out to innocently beat evelyn's ass many times at mancala. i should've bet her $20 a game.

then on our way back to the car, we laughed at the kids hangin' out front of the ross store. poor plano kids. yeah, so what if i was spending my friday evening at a starbucks.

on my way back to my 'hood, i took a detour towards downtown since i never wind up downtown. there was some midnight bazaar going on. i fancy that it was one of those computer swap meets. then i drove by adam hats and for some reason thought about the father that murdered his two daughters there a couple of years ago. a friend of a friend claims she spent the night there once and saw a little girl playing in the stairwell. apparently the girls haunt the building. then i got scared that thinking about them in such close proximity would make them appear in my car. but they didn't. and now i'm scared again because this building is 83 years old. but it's not a problem. not a problem.

i have a feeling the big rock festival has possibly driven people out of deep ellum. there were actually 8 parking spots outside my bldg when usually there are none. and they didn't even have commerce blocked off meaning i could've driven that way instead and gotten one of my drive-by peeks into the car wreck that is coyote ugly.

evelyn told me tonight i really should come with her to austin sometime.

ho hum.

ps: oh yea... a random tunnelvisions link. if only it showed the elvis pez dispensers and the clutzy cat sequence. i'll be quite sad when they tear that down for the light rail.
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