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it looks like i might survive the weekend: trinity audubon, cooking club, baby talk.

well. a week ago, i was telling people how this weekend was wide open. and then i remembered it was cooking club weekend out at the arboretum. i begged annette and marianne to nail down their day preference and they chose saturday at 3:30.

i went to pick oliver up from school and ran into coach stephen, of tiny soccer fame. and then i remembered we're playing soccer again these days. the game time being saturday at two. okay, i can handle that.

and then we FINALLY got a kids club invitation. kids club is this $30 add on to our arboretum membership where you can get small ticket discounts at places like the zoo and then you get five or six invitations to special events and they do not give you any kind of advance clue of when they will be or where they will be or what they will be, so it feels kind of like gambling with your $30, but whatever.

so for like six months, no invitations. and then, an invitation. for this morning from 9-11 at the trinity river audubon center, where we have never beend during the three years they've been open. i knew it was a tight fit and a crazy-making day, but by god we were going to a kids club event.

and then there was the rumor that today would be soccer team photo day and everyone show up early. and then the photographer never called the coach back and he said forgetaboutit.

all the fun really began yesterday with yet another half a school day. i dropped oliver off, did an hour of work, took violet to the gym, went by the alcohol store, picked oliver up, fed lunch to children, worked some more, realized i had no gluten for making isa's bean sausages for cooking club, begged brian to go to the store and i'd just have to figure out when on earth to make bean sausages, made asian vegetables with rice noodles for dinner and decided the kids weren't getting any because i didn't want to mess with their tom-foolery over not liking it and i cut the vegetables into HUGE, non-kid-friendly chunks and it made prepping for dinner a breeze, enough of this sentence.

i worked a little more and then took the kids out to run them in the courtyard until brian got home. saw another squirrel fall flat the fuck out of a tree. i didn't tell you that before. a week or two ago, we were playing out there and this tiny sack fell from the very top of one of the trees and landed where the lady statue is. she has these rock and cement borders and the sack kind of bounced off one and i was thinking the heft of it made me consider a baby squirrel and i kind of wandered over there, remembering the time as a child i found a tiny and dead baby squirrel in our side yard.

and lo, it was a baby squirrel. not as baby as the long ago squirrel, so maybe a toddler squirrel. and it lay there very still, blinking at me. and i was aghast and punching at my cell phone thinking a plan of who to call would arrive in my head. but i knew from trying to find someone to pick up a very distressed looking dog wandering around yards last summer that ain't no one was coming to pick up that baby squirrel. and tuxedo cat was over there reclining in the liriope and that didn't seem promising.

and then, while i was trying to call brian to beg him to google squirrels on his fancy phone, ANOTHER SQUIRREL FELL RIGHT OUT OF THE TREE THREE YARDS AWAY and thumped on more of the rocky barrier. it landed right next to the barrier with one of its legs stretched out over it, eye blinking at me.

i shouted something like, "OH MY GOD! WHY ARE BABY SQUIRRELS FALLING OUT OF THE TREE?!?" just as this neighbor named tilapia (that's as close as i can ever remember her name), who we have a tiny history with where she basically announced at our first annual HOA meeting that brian was a pervert with a video camera, came walking up, probably think i was having one of those hysterical conversations on my phone that you sometimes see people having at wal-mart or tom thumb. i told her there had been a rustling up there, like something had ousted them from the nest and we saw a squirrel running around up there all agitated and i didn't know if it was the mother or the would-be killer OR BOTH, you know how things are these days. and she said it was probably one of those times when you just have to let nature take it's course. and i actually bought this, as i was lacking a better plan.

and i had to herd children away and i kept an eye on tuxedo cat and what do you know? that squirrel eventually wandered over there and surprise-impressed me by picking up baby #1 in its mouth and hauling it up a different tree. and then she was back and at baby #2 and kind of picked it up and dropped it and it flopped and i cringed and then baby #2 hopped up like no one's business and she picked it up and took off and i was like, oh my god.

so, another squirrel, falling right up down out of a tree. it was an adult this time and there was another squirrel up there and the fallen one ran back up, paused, and was then chased. it ran to a nest and i became terrified of falling babies. none fell. i made angry clucking noises at the chasing squirrel as warning.

then here came saturday. we got up and out the door, almost on time. the audubon center was oh-so modern and filled with crowded craft tables. there were lots of telescopes running through the wall to the grassy lands outside, where you could see a woman in the wild, and doors and drawers to be opened and buttons to be pushed and water to turn on. we went on half of the guided tour, which was too full to hear the guiding, and then we split off and went to the car when we got too tired of children lurching toward leaves of three.

brian offered to take oliver to soccer while i stood around making bean sausages.

you know what. i hear dallas blooms has caused the arboretum to be overrun. i don't want to take my bean sausages on a shuttle. we're going to the lake near the park. let's go.

tomorrow, we are forgoing adiel's birthday party at park lane ranch in order to visit erin and paul's house. erin is pregnant. i always say how our friends (or, i guess brian's side of the friend family, in this case) don't really have kids. i guess i must not have been kidding as erin contacted me, of all people, to come talk to her about babies. we have never ever gone to hang out with erin and paul. i mean, they've invited us to housewarming parties and brian conversed with them mightily at the last halloween party at the brians' and we were on each others peripheries in the pre-children days. but, erin has a million and one friends and acquaintances. so for her to facebook me really proves my point. i will be swimming in envy tomorrow after seeing her baby room. erin is a very home-fashionable girl. i've already turned green from seeing the facebook photos.
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