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changing lives since 2003

the final installment of spring break. before making the initial installment.

we had spring break week before last. i can't muster the energy to figure all of it out now, and that's for the best.

i have this saying. if there's not a photo, it didn't happen. which leaves me to believe all we did on friday the 18th was make irish soda bread while brian ran away to i forget where. i think this was the day violet took quite a shining to small chairs. oliver could not even lay a finger on a little chair without her screeching like a wild monkey.


violet also spent some time polishing things.


this is currently one of her favorite playthings. i purchased it from an antique store about 12 years ago for maybe $15 while my boyfriend-at-the-time burst an appendix over how someone just made it out in their garage, which would probably only cost $5. like, perhaps, i should find a garage somewhere and whittle myself a dog on wheels. i don't know what his whole malfunction was over that dog, but i obviously ignored it and find sweet satisfaction watching violet toodle around with it. it even has special features, like wheels attached off-center so that it bobbles just enough to make it's free-swinging ears wag. enough about the dog.

oh, wait. memories are being triggered. friday was the day i ran away from work late in the afternoon so we could all go down to the ginger man, where we had apparently not been since before i was pregnant with violet. like, when oliver wasn't much older than violet. i can't believe it had been that long. brian and his gluten intolerance drank water and ate potato chips. i made up for his lack of gluten with what i believe was a wit hefeweizen from 512 brewery and a large, soft, delicious pretzel. in the past, our trips to the ginger man with oliver were plagued by having to escort him up and down the rather steep wooden staircase out back. i was completely surprised to see both children staying at the table just chewing away on their shared pretzel. it was windy as all get out. the front porch was sprinkled with dogs and violet had fits both coming and going.

brian suggested we stroll up the block to ahab bowen where he proceeded to browse through the kind of shirts he used to wear and even purchased one. the talky-loo sales girl said it was because it's spring and he's feeling frisky. oliver decided he needed a fedora, but we weren't into paying $40 for one. there were homemade pizzas that evening.


chicken baby has a little too much too drink.

saturday was oliver's first soccer game of the season. you may or may not recall that we signed up with the caveat that we were only beholden to the practices and not the games. imagine my surprise when i asked oliver if he wanted to play in the game and he actually said he did. so there we were at the game. and he got out there and trotted around gleefully and spent the rest of the time on the sidelines with his buddies. i remember how just a year ago, during his first season, he would rather crawl on to my lap and try to hide.

sunday, we finally cashed in one of two nearly-expired groupons down at the paciugo in uptown. i had the one, vegan, non-fruity option: cinnamon soy. brian had a strawberry/lime mix. oliver took the strawberry. i'm glad we went with the very tiny cup for him as he was finding it as unbearable to consume large quantities of that stuff as i do way too rich/tart/i don't know what. as a result, violet was able to switch from her ABCD crackers to a couple of bites of foamy, melty strawberry dregs.


at 5pm, we pulled into the parking lot behind good records. they have a lot of in-store performances, and they finally had one geared toward children. we were there. dallas clayton was there to read his book an awesome book of thanks. it's a follow up to an awesome book. i later realized i was somehow already familiar with it. i think something awful like daily candy had blurbed it earlier in the year. anyhow. he wrote it for his son originally and everyone just started clambering about for it and he couldn't have copies made fast enough and he was selling them on a website to kids all over the place and getting emails asking him to visit and so he constructed his own off-the-grid book tour. and then he started a foundation and decided for every book he sold, he would give one away. and i think that's pretty fantastic.

so, we barely got our free copy because oliver was being super shy and we had arrived at like, 5:05 and he was already halfway through reading the book, so oliver refused to go up on the stage and sit in a bean bag chair. after the reading and the passing out (of books), a guy with his guitar sang a couple of songs, one about pirates and one about diggity dang dang dangity dang, while a young lad accompanied on the drums. he stopped when he broke a string.

then, there was a band. we have a school of rock location down the road and i think these kids were the junior version under the guidance of a guitar player from polyphonic spree. they set their business up and turned the amps up high, which i thought was rather inappropriate for a gathering of very small children. they did hand out ear plugs, but when they started playing, violet broke into a huge, open-mouthed wail. it was insult to the injury she suffered waking up in the middle of good records earlier. and it's not like you can convince a baby to keep ear plugs in their ears. so i took her out immediately. brian stayed in with oliver and then they came out and i went back in with oliver.

it ended earlier than expected, and i was sad there wasn't going to be a second reading, as accidentally announced by one of the juniors. oliver wanted to go lounge on a bean bag. and i did make a donation to the foundation the next day. just so you don't think we're free-loading, book-grabbing scoundrels.


"the man with the rainbow shoes," as he came to be called.


i had to choose between composition and brian's disdain for his expression, to be made known at a later date.

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