changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

and this is why i don't like deleting things.

i was pleased yesterday that dialing had finished early and i was going to be able to get all my work out of the way before nightfall. and even before taking a trip to the park.

and then there was a discrepancy in the campaign with additional data and i decided to truncate the client table and rebuild it (which is quick and easy) in case i had not added one of the data lists along the way. instead, a portion of my brain was on weekend time and already swinging at the park and that is the portion of my brain responsible for making sure i truncate the client table and not the dialing results table.

so, i truncated the dialing results table and thirty seconds later, i was clutching my face, tearing at my hair, and doubled over moaning.

brian took the children away and i brainstormed into futility. i knew how to get some back, but not all. i broke the news to dedee and, since she's a pretty decent boss, she told me not to beat myself up over it. of course, the worst part is breaking the news that you're an idiot, so i was over the hump.

anyhow. i'm up before getting up time because ozzy is like a big, overweight clock these days with his desire to get on the dinner table and find something of oliver's to start batting around. like that paper heart valentine with pom pom balls glued to its front that i retrieved from under the couch with a dusting wand yesterday afternoon. i know he's just copying oskar with his dinner table bit. turns out juana had also just cleared her bowls for the second time in 10 hours and oliver was stirring and moaning, so at least they all got it out of their systems at once. and then i saw it was already 7am, despite it being freakishly dark, so i thought i'd see if randy had miraculously restored my truncated table.

he likely won't be able to, but today's m-w word of the day is TRUNCATE. for god's sake.

ps: and then, i stepped in puke and walked i across the room. i expect regurgitation of cat food momentarily.
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