changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

record-breaking: grocery department.

well. it's spring break around here. brian took oliver to his much-anticipated emerald city diorama art camp at oil and cotton this morning only to find out today is dream catcher day and even though i sat down last night to confirm we were going on the right day, we went on the wrong day.

so he came home with a dream catcher and has signed up again, some more, for tomorrow.

we were packing up for a walk to the duck pond on a day beaming with glorious weather when i turned around and discovered a solid wall of cloud cover and lost my motivation. we went to whole foods instead. when the cashier read out the total, i had to repeat it and look up to search the register's screen. because surely he had not said two hundred and forty dollars. i don't know if i've ever broken the $200 mark, even when shopping for a party. you always choke a little on cat food buying days. which this was.

it's pretty disheartening to return from a trip like that to open that well priced (for the people selling it) bag of cat food and then have two out of three cats gorge and then regurgitate what sounds like quarters falling on to laminate.

i am now giving them the opportunity to eat their own vomit.
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