changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

wasn't there a song once about doll heads?, that was fish heads...but still...

denverbettie's post regarding a night light reminded me of how sometimes i'm forced to sleep with the bedside lamp on when i stay with my parents.

there's this doll that originally belonged to my mom. it was the last gift her father gave her before he died (she was 11). this doll is maybe 18 inches tall, a formidable enough size, but not scary when wearing blue pants and a mod tunic... which was her uniform back when she was one of my favorite playthings.

however, she has been scaring the hell out of me since my mom decided to clothe her in her father's turn-of-the-century christening gown with cap and seat her in an antique ROCKING CHAIR in the corner. doesn't she understand the creep factor inherent in a ROCKING CHAIR? or maybe it's just me since i swear, after my grandma died, i once saw the chair in their bedroom ROCKING on its own one night while i was sick sleeping on the floor. yeah, so what if i had a fever? it was ROCKING!

so now i sleep in the room with the doll on the ROCKING CHAIR. but i am smart enough to put the doll in the closet before going to bed. one night when i was home for xmas last year, i heard her in the closet. she was all pissed off and tried to open the door. but my precarious bag full of xmas goodies blocked her exit. thank god!

when i was home last saturday, i was too lazy to put her to bed in the closet and decided i weren't scared no way no how anyhows. so as i'm drifiting off, don't think i didn't hear the popping noise of her getting out of that chair. and i continued to ignore her as she rustled the covers about my leg. sure, at first i was out of it enough to think it was just oskar bedding down for the night. until i remembered oskar was 150 miles away. but i showed her. i waited until she climbed back down and then i spent the rest of the night with the lamp on. because everyone knows they don't dare move around when the light's on. they prefer to be mysterious like that.
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