changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

i found south dakota under the ottoman.

this evening, while i was assembling various taco bowls for dinner, brian walked in and i mentioned something about A-R-T-C-A-M-P, spelled very quickly, and oliver said something about art camp and i was rather surprised and insisted brian was not surprised enough.

i quizzed oliver a little during the consumption of our taco bowls, to check for flukiness. i said, "oliver, B-R-E-A-D. what is that?" and i think he kind of smiled. and brian said, "hey oliver, do you like to eat B-R-E-A-D?" which is totally cheating. and i think oliver said, "yes." and brian said, "do you like to drink M-I-L-K?" more cheating. and he said, "yes." and i said, "do you like to drink W-A-T-E-R? what is that?" and he said, "milk." and i figured art camp for at least part-fluke. though still an impressive fluke. especially since he had done the same thing the other day when i was talking about violet's B-O-T-T-L-E.

and then, the united states had been sitting in this bowl and i suggested to oliver that he should arrange them back in their puzzle and he did and he noted that there was a state missing and i noted it was south dakota and offered that perhaps it had gone to live with california. oliver said something about green.

just now, after everyone had been tucked in, i walked by the couch and found south dakota under the ottoman. and it was blue.

just kidding. it was green, but i figured you saw that one coming.

he's also coming along in his math skills. 10X10. 2+2. he says he's going to live with us forever.
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