changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

marshmallow, matriculation, mayhem. mmmmm.

well, then.

our cats were on the verge of starving yesterday, considering had forgotten again to pick up cat food at whole foods when i escaped there night before last, before yesterday's big icy snow day.

then, yesterday proceeded to fuck me up with 11.75 hours worth of work. everyone was home and i was a complete monster. midday brought tears when these stupid external tables played at being mysterious for a couple of hours. i wrapped things up at 11pm and wondered where on earth i was going to find the time to bring up another project today (which turned out to be two projects today), help oliver construct 25 shrinky dink valentines, get back to the store to get hummus for oliver's vday party, attend oliver's vday party, and get a ticket for expired inspection taken care of.

i'm surviving today, so far. i've relinquished my shrinky dink dream as it does not seem possible to produce a shrinky dink through the printer which can also be colored in. you either print it or color it. not both. too bad. i bought three packs of that paper. and i think i'm getting a disease just sitting here in the fumes of a shrinky dink test.

anyway. went to the lakewood whole foods after dropping oliver off, before work could tie me down for the day. they had the hummus. they even had the vday-themed vegan gummies, also lacking at the other location. i looked bewildered at one point, apparently, and a worker asked if he could help me. i figured why not and asked after the dandies. he said they were out (they had actually expired), but he took me to this secret place in the refrigerated section and gave me a pack of sweet&sara's toasted coconut marshmallows. and they are good.

i turned in violet's application for enrollment today. panic attacks. sending her off to school and missing the chance to re-enroll oliver. panic. panic. panic.
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