changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

my day, so far. unexpected things involving violet.

what the fuck.

i'm sitting here working on the computer and noticed it was a little too quiet, which is a signal to be concerned, and i look over and there's violet just lying on the floor sleeping and deep breathing.

i don't think this has ever happened.


earlier this morning, before school, i walked in on violet having breakfast with ozzy in front of our dirty shower. look how little his head looks!


i went to check the weather this morning in order to dress all my people and was surprised to see we're in for a week of winter weather starting tonight. i found some ghiradelli's hot chocolate mix, but they no longer had the vegan marshmallows. that's about right. they did have a bird with a fucked up foot cleaning up in the bulk bin section, though. i asked a worker and he said the bird has been there for three months. i'm all for taking care of animals, but was a little surprised a place like whole foods wasn't a little more anal about having a pooping animal consorting with the foodstuffs. let's hope shoppers are a little more on top of closing the bins when they're through, bird flu.
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