changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
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a good form of exercise.

after not purchasing a cirque du soleil show at the used dvd store the other day, i purchased corteo for less on ebay and found it sitting quietly on our doorstep when we left to go to target today. oliver was pretty stoked. we could barely get him to eat any lunch upon our return for his want to watch it.

while watching the opening with him, i feared it might be a little too scary. this was a pretty somber show with angels and a 19th century circus theme. ladies in panties hanging from chandeliers, not that that's somber or scary.

he is unphased and has returned to the task of preparing himself to join the cirque. violet kind of got in on the action a little by lying face down on the floor with her booty in the air while oliver did one of those spider walks with his back facing the floor. i had to request a removal of shoes from all the stomping.

liz, from downstairs, is probably about ready to come up here with a loaded paintball gun (i find the thought of a shotgun to gruesome to even joke about).

i'm hoping to visit this art studio place called oil and cotton which opened last fall in bishop arts. i hear they are offering a kid camp on presidents day for the same price as a little gym camp. which isn't cheap, but doable. i asked oliver if he would like to go and do such a thing and he replied, rather succinctly, "no." i figure if we can get a view inside and let him feel a little more comfortable, i might be able to talk him into it. and then i'll begin searching for preschooler trapeze classes.
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