changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

puking my guts out.

i felt kind of icky yesterday before going to pick oliver up from school. i felt mostly better and they both fell asleep on the way back, so i parked at the lake and dozed on and off for a bit myself. we returned home at 5pm. brian arrived a little later. it was fix-it-yourself night for dinner, you know, because i felt kind of puky and that doesn't lend itself to wanting to prepare foodstuffs.

i ate some brown rice and tasty bite agra peas & greens. i got violet into bed and had to work with randy on an issue. work was running late and toward the end, i was not feeling well again. i crashed on the couch around 11ish and was up about 12ish and ended up puking my guts out five times in quick succession. i was whimpering and shaking. it was disgusting. that agra peas & greens. i could feel the pea skins shooting out. i felt like i had chalk sweaters on my teeth. brian brought me a piece of oliver's xmas peppermint disk ornament thing that he didn't eat because it turned out to cinnamon flavored, but it made me feel safe to swallow again. the puke went away and left one of those nasty knots in the middle of my gut.

violet wasn't sleeping well with me not in the bed and brian unleashed her on me at 5:11am for an hour and a half. he seemed to think he was going in to work. he asked me to fix oliver's lunch. i declined. brian was large and in charge today. i held the puke at bay. and the headaches. violet napped on the way to school and on the way to frisco to get brian's work computer and on the way back home. she pinged around like a pinball until it was time for them to pick oliver up. she napped on the way back and continued to nap with me on the couch. except i wasn't napping because my phone kept ringing and i felt like a shitbag. we talked oliver into pausing green eggs and ham so that he could go with brian to whole earth provision to get him some shoes without holes and so that brian could poke his head into the video store while oliver melted down over a pack of m&ms and how did he even know what those were. and then to whole foods.

you reckon this was from ben? i thought it was out of the incubation period, but i don't know. seems awfully shifty.

i really hate being sick. HATE HATE HATE.
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