changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

cirque du soleil ovo - the chicken that came before the egg.

we're being brave this year and taking oliver to see cirgue du soleil on the 30th while my sister spends quality time with violet.

in order to prepare him for the event so that we do not spend a noticeable number of dollars to have oliver drag us out of the big top, i dug out my nouvelle experience vhs. that thing gets older every time i watch it. according to the internet, it is from 1991. there were some pastel tie-dyed unitards, bad dance moves, and worse music. one of the first acts we saw was a man on the lone trapeze. he wore a lion's mane of hair made from the longest hairs of rutger hauer. the show has definitely become a lot more flamboyant and dramatic over the years, but it was good as a primer.

he was far more engaged this time than the last time i played it for him a year or two ago. he was in there dancing like yo gabba was on. at the very end, i realized he was practicing to join the circus. he was up on his step stool executing some fancy moves and hopping all around in his underwear. i was two seconds too late with the flip.

while i was watching with him, this man in bikini underpants arrived to do that dangling from a rope bit and i said, "look at that! he's in his underwear!" and oliver said, "those aren't underwear. those are dress underwears."

video bonus of violet and her new favorite activity. the bang at the end is her head hitting the dinner table.
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