changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

self-cleaning cat puke

look. it's me again. i knew that once i made a post, more exciting things would begin happening in my life.

this morning, a little pile of cat puke appeared on the bath mat. as is my normal MO, i let it be. it wasn't hurting anyone. on my most recent potty break, i discovered the puke is gone! there's nothing there but a little, slightly chunky damp spot. oh dear. i thought only dogs did nasty shit like that. which reminds me of a little story...

phil and i lived together for seven months. phil's yellow lab "honey" was also in attendance. phil left for work earlier than i did. one morning, when i just happened to be feeling a little puny, i discovered a huge, steaming, saucy pile of grey puke on the carpet. oh lordy. it tried to inspire me to produce some of my own puke. i called phil in a panic thinking he might just need to come clean that shit up. he eventually agreed i did not have to actually pick it up but should at least throw some paper towels on top of it. of course we had run out of paper towels but i did locate one cocktail napkin.

i returned upstairs just in time to see honey finishing off the pile of steaming, grey puke. jesus christ. after that, i learned to dally a bit too long after i discovered puke knowing that she'd clean it up for me.

and of course this is the same dog we discovered was eating ttyki's turds along with mouthfuls of kitty litter. and the same dog that would watch you eat dinner as these impossibly long ropes of drool would hang from her jowls.

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