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my two weeks: cars, xmas, rocks in the pants.

lord. this week went by quickly. i've been more lj-paralyzed than ever. i haven't even sent out my xmas letter yet. i think part of it is this ugly project at work that won't die. the one that gave me face herpes a couple of days before xmas. it has been eating at me non-stop. day after day of trudging slowly through the programming land of not knowing what to do. sql mud clinging to my boots. the corpses of unrealized scenarios strewn about the fields. even though i've spent far more time doing nothing over something, it has kept me from progressing in other areas. like, i have to sit and stew in my anxiety if i can't just figure it out and get it over with. lots of phone calls and emails to randy, he whom i replaced.

anyhow. we finally got all the shit in place and literally as i was pulling the trigger to run the procedures, deedee was typing an email to say the project was dead. i was like, "oh no! are you kidding! all right!" but knowing the working world as i do, i responded with, "so does this mean i should definitely cease working on this?" and, as i knew i would, i received a response several hours later saying we're going back in the trenches. with a new list! and two days later, another new list! lots of lists!! it's one of those things where you get to the point of not caring and sending out low quality returns thinking the client will never know that field for disconnected number might need to have an X in it. quantity over quality. performing triage over here on a bloated body. my wrists are hurting from the chest compressions. the carpal tunnel of it.

so there's that.

then, remember that time my entire family got trapped in my car in the cold monday before last? we towed it on over to white rock automotive and then i could never ever get a hold of them and it just kept saying, "don't leave a message, we're either working on a car or running errands, try back in ten minutes."? and you could call at midnight four days later and it would say the same thing. i drove over there tuesday of last week to see if they had out a sign or something. and no. and i think it was a tow truck driver bringing in another car i was speaking with and he seemed of the opinion they were out for a holiday. i left a message at some point and i suppose it's a good thing because apparently, other people were as well and eventually, their message was replaced with lots of ringing and an eventual fax machine sound.

as luck would have it, brian was off from work wed through mon, so i drove him to work tuesday a week ago and then went back up there at the end of the day to pick him up. this monday morning, mark finally called with absolutely zero fanfare. no mention at all of people waiting a week on him with no notice. whatever. i told him what i knew and got my car back wednesday evening. apparently, after my last auto operation, which involved the distributor cap, the distributor cap was not screwed tightly back into place and it flew off and it was all over. i was pleased the repair only cost $214 (this included the fixing of my horn and a whole mess of lights i didn't know weren't working). i drove over there in brian's cars with the kids to pay and get keys and was back on the road at 5:30pm. approximately an hour and a half later, i was at brian's office. home by 7:30. and my work day was just about to begin!

anyhow. that reminds me. i don't think i ever told my journal about the rest of oliver's little gym winter camp experience. man, did he have a good time. he is back hot on the trail of the little gym. "hey, when are we going back to The Gym?" i'm praying they have spring break camps or it's going to be a long semester of asking to go back to The Gym.

well, lord. i think violet's sitting over there putting rocks down the front of her pajamas. yes, she is. that will be a fun diaper change.

monday was the 18 month check up for violet. dtap booster and second round of prevnar. we hoped to show off her mouth filled with teeth, but the doctor just got a good look at some cracker she had clenched in her jaws. oliver had his height check and is hanging on to not flatlining on his chart. i think he's six inches taller than violet. our doctor has a way of saying things are fine and then making suggestions that make you think maybe it's not fine. like, "she's totally fine on weight. you know what has lots of fat? greek yogurt. her iron levels are great and it's good you're giving her fer-in-sol. you know what's good for iron? flintstone vitamins. oliver is still doing well with height, as long as he doesn't flatline. you know what's good for peace of mind? an xray of the bones in his hand." so, i guess if i can remember long enough, we'll sign him up for some unnecessary radiation.

when we told her oliver is starting kindergarten next year, i learned something very odd. dallas (and maybe other places) has this trend of holding children back a year from starting kindergarten so now kindergarten is like the new first grade. because they want their children to be superstars of the class. so now, children entering at age five can end up feeling inferior. i think that's great! i remember the days when i was starting school when it was embarrassing and hush-hush if you were left back a grade. "oh, jennifer? she was held back in the second grade." we still plan on enrolling oliver. he's used to being the shortest and he's already in an environment of three years worth of kids working together and helping each other. i hope he takes that experience with him. we figure the worst case scenario is he repeats kindergarten and who wouldn't want to do that? i'm not sure what to do about the expectation that a child be reading when he or she begins school. fucking ridiculous. i remember feeling like a lab rat because i could parse out the word 'diamond' in kindergarten. we sat around on quilted together carpet squares studying inflatable letters and listening to their accompanying psychedelic songs.

took xmas down to the river yesterday and tied it in a sack. i think that's the most expedient i've ever been about dismantling the holiday spirit. oliver looked a little like he might cry when we returned from school and i untied his little wreath from the door knocker. oliver has a half day today, because he hasn't had nearly enough days off in the past three weeks. we're leaving for killeen at some point, work permitting, so that we can kill off the very last of xmas at the in-laws'. every year, i get to some point around january second and think, "whew. xmas is done! i've survived!" and then i remember there's still another round and i want to weep with the thought of more items swelling my over-burdened shelves and cabinets and bins.


started a vegan cooking club this week with sisters marianne and annette. we're shooting for once a month. we'll see how that goes. first meeting to be scheduled at the arboretum. baked seitan will be there.

violet's been copying up a storm with her words lately. coffee, lotion, you name it. she's learning the parts of her head and figured out hand. we've got our nighttime routine down. i hop on the bed, she shuts the door, i help her climb up with me, i ask for hugs and kisses, she throws her hands around my neck and we say, "awwwwwwwww!" she said, "i love you," for the first time i know of night before last. i am obviously pleased with this. i'm trying to find a balance between shutting the bathroom door to keep her from ceaselessly flushing the toilet and not encouraging juana to take a goddamned shit on the couch, like she decided to return to last week. in the wee hours of this morning, she managed to take a big, diarrhea dump (her specialty) on the border between the two boxes so that it was in two boxes as well as down the sides of two boxes. thanks, juana!

let's just end this now.
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