changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

why not one more time before 2010 ends.

we spent the day being glad for the sunshine. it's getting colder out there. it was dreary yesterday.

we went to that new, surprise old navy because i had ordered all these things online, including oliver's xmas pajamas, and FedEx dropped them off with the USPS on 12/15 for some reason and the USPS thought the package was filled with its xmas pajamas and put it straight under its tree. and the store we went to had absolutely none of the things we were supposed to receive.

we moved it on over to whole foods because i needed tofu and barbecue sauce and black-eyed peas for tomorrow's dinner and we left $200 later.

oliver was kicked out of whole foods very early in our visit by brian, something about banging up an avocado. while we were driving around waiting for brian to finish his turn shopping, i told oliver we were turning our daddy in and getting a new one. he did not like this. he wanted his daddy and said we have to get our daddy because he loves him and it was heart-melting. he also said we needed our daddy because he does laundry and gives him snacks and decorates the tree and goes to work and reads him stories and goes to target and central market. he claimed to be willing to pay his entire jar of tokens to any family that might have already purchased him and tied him to the roof of their car to take home.

oliver herded us out to the balcony for one of his famous balcony picnics.

our smart idea for dinner tonight was to leave for dinner at 4:45pm, like we're all 82 years old and headed to the late afternoon buffet at pizza hut. we arrived at cosmic cafe as darkness was threatening to close in. a waiter commented on how he hadn't seen much of us, which is true because i could only think of two other times we've been there this year. we had a waitress not bring us a high chair and not take our order and not bring any napkins when it was obvious there was a drinking glass-induced calamity occurring at our table for some amount of minutes where chairs were thrown back and people on the floor and napkins wiping things. i just watched her feet continue to come and go. the waiter with the good memory finally brought napkins and later asked us if we'd like to order something for while we wait. i was a little confused and then brian explained to him we had still not ordered. there were like, five tables occupied in the place.

anyhow, it was pleasant other than that. oliver managed to eat a peppercorn from brian's rice, which was placed on top of his amy's enchiladas, and it was quite a production about his burned mouth and he was staying pretty far away from eating any more. this made his mouth unoccupied so that it eventually ended up singing a preschooler's version of frosty the snowman to everyone else in the room. anyway. that new rice. you're picking literal leaves and sticks and corns right out of it before you eat. i subliminally recommended a sachet to the cook.

i had the brilliant idea to go back down armstrong street to see the lights before everyone hires xmas light people to come and take them away and we drove up in that shi-shi parking strip where everything is completely doused in white lights and oliver said, "I DON'T WANT TO LOOK AT LIGHTS I WANT TO GO HOME I'M HUNDGRY [SIC]!" and it was super whiny time.

we're home now. oliver is eating. he might get two bites of my take away chocolate cake. brian has a vegan and gluten free lemon tart sitting in there somewhere for later. we threw a dart at whole foods champagne section and came away with a $19.99 bottle of piper sonoma promising to turn "our most everyday occasion into something truly extraordinary." it's got it's work cut out for it tonight.

nye portraits! this is the side of my face not afflicted with herpes! for now!

restaurant nye portraits! violet was mesmerized by the decor! brian got the coffee!

high fives!

the pecan trees on armstrong are my favorites! when brian drives the car, they photograph like fireworks!

i do not know what kind of tree this is, but i reckon they must use helicopters to do all these lights.

jimmy choo's shoes are in there! they can be yours if you have hundreds to spare!

happy new year!
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