changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

an essay: what i like about xmas.

i just finished asking oliver what he likes about xmas. he's pretty stoked this morning. i think he's feeling the tidings of xmas mounting, or what have you. he had out his xmas kwanzaa book and was talking about santa coming down the fireplace (we just uncovered ours last weekend) and having to take a shower to wash off the soot.

so i ask him and he kind of ummmms. which is good because i'm glad to see it has not yet been impressed upon him that xmas=getting presents. and so i say, "would you like for me to tell you what i like about xmas? i like listening to xmas music. and i like looking at the xmas lights and all the xmas trees. and i like how everyone gets excited about xmas and getting to see friends, like how uncle darren is coming over for churros today. and i like getting to see family... we're going to nana and grandpa's tomorrow and aunt lisa's family will be there and then we'll go to grandma and grandpa ken's in a couple of weeks. do you like those things, too?"

"ummm... i like polar bears."
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