changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

lord. it's like merry fucking xmas around here all of a sudden.

this was supposed to be a week of kicking ass and taking names. i planned to go to the gym twice, finish violet's felt board for xmas, write a xmas letter, clean, prep food for our trip, pack, enjoy the company of friends. etc.

monday, i arrived at the gym with two children and found myself standing before the locked doors of child care. there was a sign. it said it was closed for cleaning. what. i spent the morning getting us out the door and on over there and this is what i get? the youngster at the front desk said someone had puked all up in there and that i definitely didn't want my children playing in it. i cursed and then accepted it and left. we went to get cinnamon and beer and other foodstuffs at central market to make up for it. i also went by the little gym. remember the little gym? it's been a year. brian's friends gave him a little gym gift card for his bday last february (which was after we had decided we were too poor to send children there). after some initial hesitation, oliver decided it would be dandy to attend two morning camps there next week and now the little gym gift card is no more. we even went to coffee park later in the afternoon. it was 76 degrees, so why not. it made my latte that much warmer.

tuesday, yesterday i suppose it was, my nearly non-existent hours at work exploded all over my face. i was sent some ungodly thing at 10 in the morning and did not receive the data and layouts until 2pm. which is when it got even worse. they were wanting things no client should want. a whole heap of them. sticky business. children were exploding because i was working full steam ahead and was forced to plant them in front of the television, which is disgusting. i was exploding from the stress and cyclical requests every 10 minutes for snacks and diaper changes. no gym. no felt board. no cleaning. no park. no errands. no making dinner. shit. i'm still wearing the same nightgown i went to bed in monday night.

brian came home early and took the little people to this upholstery place down on 30 where some of our dining chairs are living so he could see if some unavoidable replacement vinyl was satisfactory and then they discovered a park and went there. i finally gave up working at 11pm.

this morning, i was back to noses on grindstones. churning away. i think it was supposed to start 15 minutes ago. my boss disappeared. i have no idea how much this thing is going to blow up. i don't even want to think of building the return file process. among other tedious, frightening, brand new work-type things.

darren was supposed to come over this afternoon to see children and partake of chocolate and churros, which were to be purchased from a restaurant since i was unable to find time to make drinking chocolate with my own two hands. now, no time to go to the restaurant. no time to clean. it's filthy. everyone's out of their pants. hoping to move it to tomorrow. along with the gym. felt board. cleaning. churros. chocolate. dinner. the manns in mansfield. wish me luck.

hey, man. thanks for listening.
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