changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

this afternoon and evening has gone disgustingly well.

today, i spent some time working and some more time watching the hands on the clock whirl around uncontrollably. i managed to make a pot of chili before leaving to pick up oliver. we drove by "the house" "on our way home" and i extolled further virtues to oliver as pertaining to ownership of a yard and managed to drive by the elementary school so he could see the children experiencing endless strings of free dress days. and he grew quiet, so i stopped the dose.

we arrived home and i was saddened that oliver declared he would rather watch a story than hang out with mommy, considering i didn't need to make dinner. i finally convinced him to clean his room while i vacuumed and then vacuum his room while i cleaned. there were a couple of time outs for rough housing with his sister and he actually stayed in his room the whole four minutes. it was like planets were aligning for hours on end. i didn't lose my cool once. he didn't lose his cool once. she didn't lose her cool once. it was amazing.

we eventually sat down at the dinner table to make a xmas tree collage with construction paper, ribbon, and a glue stick and then learned brian would be working late. so we dug into some fart-maker chili, while the charlie brown xmas soundtrack played gently in the background. violet has been pretty big lately into grabbing unattended glass bowls and wasted no time here either. so, i let her keep the bowl on her tray and assisted her eating hand in spooning the whole thing into her mouth with barely a chance to breathe. did i tell you about our school viewing of edison's day, or whatever it was called? i'm glad we went because i keep thinking of that baby-child spreading jam on his toast and i'm like, what am i doing? let the children be miniature adults. why not.

oliver went to the potty four times. he really enjoys making his daily dumps in the big middle of dinner. we've finally decided to throw a roll of toilet paper at him during these times to let him sink or swim. lots of skid marks on the backside of elmo's head on underpants, but he's four and half. i'm done with holding my breath and getting in and out as fast as possible. done. one down, one to go. and i've been pushing brian to read stories to her on the potty while i shower. which has happened once so far, but tiny victories. we'll be diaper-free some day. it's an exciting prospect.

everyone finished their dinner and even complimented the chef. violet got down from the table and was denied further access to dinner. training this one early. oliver was granted a rendezvous with some more of the banana peanut butter chocolate chip ice cream and was given almond cheese when he asked for a second helping. can't win them all.

to make the day even more vomitously fantastic, i decided to create a montessori work for violet to keep her from destroying every single thing we had already tidied up and because she was delighting in throwing the empty honey bears on the floor. it's called Feed the Bear. i put down an old white board as the tray, filled the big honey bear with a handful of polished rocks and set it next to the duck basket. pour the rocks into the duck and then feed them back to the bear. you'd be surprised how into business like this toddlers will get. she sat there doing that for at least fifteen minutes. i pumped it up a little by throwing in a spoon. i don't think we're quite that far yet. once her attention span began to disintegrate (i knew this by the rocks being poured into the ride-on dump truck), i assisted her in putting things away.

i had told oliver he could watch his latest obsessive favorite, charlie brown xmas, after 7pm. as long as he had pajamas on. he changed and then, to kill the remaining time, i had one child on each knee as we watched isa chandra moskowitz make mexican hot chocolate snickerdoodles on the computer. one more well-heeled time out session for squeezing the crap out of his sister's cheeks and oliver was ready to snuggle down on the couch with charlie brown and a bowl of trail mix.

i am ignoring the fact that the yang to this yin is going to slap me in the face tomorrow. just wait and see.
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