changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

sleeping. cooking. that's about it for my life.

after what feels like a forever of dealing with poor sleeping nights with violet, she slept the entire night last night! i received five hours of uninterrupted sleep! and then only woke at 4am so my arms could tell me they had become partially incapacitated from lack of use!

violet finally woke at 6am and nursed for a few minutes before rising and shining. you would think all that sleeping would have done her some good, but she was ready to nap by 8:30 and was rather pissed about it. she fell asleep in the car on the way back from dropping off oliver, part in thanks to the new seat (which you can't drape a blanket over, unless you want to just drape it directly across the baby and she doesn't seem to take too kindly to that) and part in thanks to the old sun in the eyes, which has become impossible to escape with the fact that the northern planetary axis is tiliting in such a way as to aim us directly at the sun (from low in the sky, of course).

i tried to tiptoe with her up to her crib, as she's become excellent at maintaining sleep while being carried, but the second i tried to roll her down, she began screeching. just, instantaneously, like a cartoon character. i rolled her back up and she passed back out. i rolled her back down and SCREECH. so i said, whatever, and she refused to let me put her down. just like they said she did at the Y on tuesday.
with maybe less screeching and more whining.

yesterday afternoon, i girded myself to unwrap from what must have easily been 50 feet of saran wrap, along with a box of newspaper and styrofoam peanuts which have been making my cleaning up life hell, our xmas gift to one another. it's a cast iron skillet from the 60s in citron yellow to replace brian's teflon version from the aughts. here it comes now:

i really should stop being too lazy to consult a ruler, because 11 inches sounded about like what we had been using, but let me tell you it is not. it's easily twice the size. and heavy as an aircraft carrier. i made oliver's "french toast" in it this morning and it was just swimming around in there with all that space. and despite coating it with oil, it's totally covered in stuck on bits. i'll have to read up on that. and find another, smaller pan. i mean, this pan is so big, we have to move to a house just so i can put it away.

ps: here's my current love interest. RISD schools, ya'll.
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