changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

the oliver show: last summer. plus, violet: now with polka dots.

you can blame this on emily swank for asking for it and then you can thank flickr for cutting four minutes off of it.

violet caught a rash at the Y. how disgusting does that sound. i figure that must be the culprit as oliver has had no rash and lisa at the school indicated no abundance of rashy children, but made the school administrator diagnosis of fifths disease. i don't know. she doesn't look slapped-cheeky. more like pox without any kind of volume or itching or discomfort. she's just speckled. this started up yesterday and theni remembered a couple of nights before she had woken up with a fever. and she's been sleeping shittily. we chalked it up to all that crazy teething she's been working on.

i guess it's getting a little better. for several nights, it was sleep for a couple of hours and then wake up every 10-15 minutes until we would give up and get in bed with her. last night, i grew weary, as i do on occasion, of waking every couple of hours to violet up in my face cheerily twittering, "nay nay? nay nay?" and i was like, "NO." and that's when the shrieking started up. shriek shriek shriek. punctuated by brief explosions of unconsciousness (hers). at one point, brian asked me what i thought about the neighbors (as he tends to do when he starts wavering) and i said screw the neighbors and stopped just short of offering for him to nurse violet, but i was too tired to reach that level of conversation.

you would think that you could never lose your ability to sleep light to the point that a shrieking being administered directly into your right ear would not wake you, but that was where i found myself. my hypothalamus must have gone down to the Y, completed a couple of circuits with the weights, showered, dressed in a sports coat and returned to work all lean, mean, and ready to work. or it caught a rash and could no longer function appropriately.
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