changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

as long as we're at it: violet's first haircut.


as violet's fluffy mullet continued to grow throughout the end of the summer, i made the decision to gather my anxiety and giver her her first hair cut shortly after oliver's return to school.

unexpectedly, i returned to working during oliver's second week of school and the job increased in its intensity and time consumption as the weeks continued, culminating in sheer insanity the week before the mid-term elections.

i took a week or two off to allow my capacity for anxiety to replenish and then committed myself to the event.

i have to have plenty of energy saved up to properly lament the passing of a phase and the moving on to a new piece of life. the piece of life where violet's hair is less shaggy.

i had started telling myself i kind of liked her bohemian look, but it was getting a little out of control.

about a week ago, we had our little ceremony. a few snips in and i realized i might not have thought it all the way out and felt a little panic. i had considered what to do with the front and back, but not the sides. which is the trickiest part of all. and this was uncharted territory. i'm used to the forgiving curly boy hairs and these were straight, fine girl hairs. oh lord.

i went the conservative route and removed the layer that was mulletting and trimmed back the front to where it didn't fall in her eyes so badly and took it easy on the sides, telling myself it was easier to take more off later than put some back on now.

after, i worried that she was going to look more boyish, but let's face it... i could put her in a purple tutu and plaster fifteen pink polka-dotted bows on her head and someone somewhere will say how cute he is. that is just the way it goes with small children.

it was such a conservative trim, that i had difficulty figuring out which photos were before and which were after.

before and looking a bit like jamie oliver.


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