changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

violet: don't put your fingers in there if you want them back out alive.

well. all this time with the four teeth, four teeth, four teeth. poor violet and her four teeth.

i suspected there might be some teething happening, but only in that way that pediatricians will tell you, "oh yes. she's definitely got some coming through." and then four months later, something comes through. so you know, low expectations. but, she was putting things in her mouth again and coming up to me and opening her mouth and displaying a fine coin collection.

day before yesterday, she was walking around looking like there was something in there and i didn't recall any food being currently and properly checked out from the kitchen, so i went fishing in there and did not find food.


lo and behold my surprise. she went and skipped all that incisor/canine business and headed straight to molar town. it was trickery! two gigantic teeth right there on each side on the bottom and they get bigger every day. for two days. it looks like the two on the top are ready to erupt. i'm a little freaked out because i noticed yesterday that one side has a purple dot and i'm not sure what the hell that means. my best guess is some kind of a blood blister. for a second, i panicked thinking she already had a rotten tooth.

she doesn't seem particularly bothered by them. she continues to be a dream boat by day. there's occasional goofiness at night, but when isn't there?
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