changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

violet: just some things... since i'm still struggling to update regularly.

she figured out how to walk backwards at a park party this past saturday. she had a funny look on her face. that kind of half smile that says, "watch. watch. check it out. see what i'm doing?"

she gives really good hugs. she is a sweet potato.

she has many words she says and most seem to start with 'B'. some context helps to know what she's saying as a result. i might have figured out last night, when she all of a sudden began pronouncing the second syllable with a little more clarity while sitting in her flexi-bath, that 'bah-bah' for 'bottle' is an attempt at actually saying both syllables, as opposed to repeating the same syllable. like, 'bah-tle'. this does not explain the single-syllabled 'ball', also pronounced 'bah-bah'.

she thinks it's funny to hurl herself against my bent leg like a little rag doll when i try to help her down the stairs. there is no effort to not fall going on there. i suppose it's marginally better than the overly-excited, flailing marionette impression oliver did on the stairs at that age.

i found tofurky in violet's shoe this morning.

and then, in her diaper.

violet was saying 'diaper' during her tofurky diaper change. i wonder how much she's saying that we just don't quite catch. like that video of oliver asking us to take a picture of the dinosaur and i did not get it until i had watched the video 10 times in a row. i imagine his resulting frustration. "no, the dinosaur. take a picture of the dinosaur. noooo. DINOSAUR."

she loves her daddy. she will flip out if he does not come to give her a hug straight away when he comes home. if we mention daddy before he comes home, she goes to look out the back door and say, 'dah-dah'. the other night, brian stepped into the bedroom to see if he should take over getting her to sleep. she melted down when he left for two seconds to get a chair and actually pushed me in the face when he returned to get me to go away.

she somehow eats just about everything under the sun with her four teeth. i started her on animal parade chewables yesterday, cut into thirds.

she likes to dance. she danced with oliver and brian to the rapture and raffi while i made shells vodka for dinner last night.

her eyes remain blue. with a dash of gold in her left eye.
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