changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

july fourth.

you know what? the fireworks four months ago were spectacular. we made the decision to take emotionally unstable people out way after their bedtimes and see what came out in the wash.

i was trying to schedule a trip to tyler to see my friend christian and his family on their transition from paraguay to bishkek, as well as my aunt cathy on a rare visit to tyler from north dakota, and i was losing my marbles thinking i'd totally shot my foot in regards to being in the right place at the right time for every last fireworks festivity. and then i figured out we were awash in fireworks opportunities on our home turf. what a surprise, considering we live in the dallas/fort worth metropolis. but really, i hear quite a few large cities canceled their shows due to the lackluster economy, but someone or another kicked in the cash at the last minute to carry on with one of the big ones here. but that's not the one we ended up at.

the past two years have found us far too close to the action, so we decided to head on out to lake grapevine (grapevine has a lake?) and we toodled back and forth on the little lake road along with everyone else in grapevine until we figured out where we thought we should be. and where we thought we should be ended up costing $10 at the marina, but whatever.


we walked around a little and scoped out the territory before setting up some towels and pulling out the surprise celebratory organic lollipops i had shoved in my purse.

as it turned out, we were right underneath a flight path for DFW and these lumbering works of levitating magic would shoot directly over our heads every couple of minutes and inspire amazement, and a little fear that an engine might fall off and kill us. but i try to suppress that part of my nature when around the kids.


i was there!

one of my dreams came true... children sat on a blanket on the grass. though, i can't say for how long.

darkness finally began to fall and the glo sticks of dubious nature began to appear around us. some children seated behind us created a stockpile of them in the grass and oliver kind of wandered over there and said with his staring eyes, "dude... check that out." and a man kindly let him have one.

once the fireworks were finally underway, i was surprised to find the children both still conscious and in relatively good humor, though violet started to let off some steam as the show progressed.

it was pretty gorgeous watching them up over the water with a whole flotilla of boats underneath them.


once they were over, we sprinted to our car to join the battle to get the hell out of there. unbelievably, those kids stayed awake the entire way home.

hooray! fireworks! what'll i have in store for you next, livejournal. my stockpile of missing entry fireworks is spectacular.
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