changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

the tornado-phobe in me loves this.

lord. lots of working late into the night the past couple of nights. 1am thursday. 11:30 yesterday. violet's fever has built in intensity and sleeping last night really sucked. she's is exceptionally cranky. the sore throat/periodic hoarse cough has kicked in. i thought i was coming down with it last night because my mid-section was twisting all up and feeling like something in there kept deciding it wanted to come out, but kept changing it's mind about what exit to use. and then it went away. perhaps it was just stress. or lack of sleep. or vegetable masala.

this morning, we loaded up the car for errands and got as far as dropping off film before i had to return home to do two minutes of work. i sent everyone else on to target and stayed behind making macaroni. it was pouring down for a few minutes when they returned.

we assumed oliver's soccer game would be inside, considering the sky looks totally nuts out there and the grass would be wet and muddy. brian took oliver to the game and i stayed home with violet so she could nap for 12 minutes instead of infecting other children. when brian arrived at the Y, it was totally dark. THEY WERE ACTUALLY PLAYING OUTDOORS AT THE PARK. the kicker: dallas county is under a tornado warning. great decision, soccer league!

here is a crappy webcam photo of the current view from our backdoor. it's much worse than it appears.

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