changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

6/20/10: father's day.

father's day was a nice respite of laid-back celebration amongst the littering of birthday festivities that month.

i started off the day surprising brian in the bathroom. oliver had had brian make a drawing and then oliver started cutting it to pieces (he enjoys the process of destruction. or deconstruction, depending on your outlook). i saved it before it became firestarting material and slapped it in a frame and then slapped the frame on the bathroom wall along with a card made by oliver and a collage card made by me.


i allowed brian to take oliver into the urban outfitters to look for some shorts (brian in shorts!) while i drove violet in circles. then, it turned out urban outfitters goes to church on sunday mornings instead of working.

then it was off to lunch at a clandestine location, since brian was unable to firmly pick a destination. he refused to let me blindfold him and i was forced to trust him to keep his eyes closed instead. i made a hook through the SMU campus and oliver shouted something about looking at some horses. they were statues, but brian was thinking real, so that helped with the confusion a little. and then he started trying to pump oliver for information. i turned a couple of donuts in the parking lot for good measure before heading south on 75.

i managed to take the wrong exit and went north on 35 a bit before getting turned back around. so that was nice, too. somehow, brian guessed something about cows as we crossed the trinity at a spot where you can frequently see longhorns grazing.

we arrived at spiral diner and i gave brian three chances to guess where we were. i can no longer remember if he succeeded. and who cares whether he did or not, since we were dining at spiral diner regardless.

fortunately, we arrived just ahead of an influx of restaurant-goers and got one of the last tables.


and he wonders why i never think he has a good time.

the fact that i have a photo of oliver passed out in the back seat leads me to believe we must have driven around while the kids napped. perhaps we celebrated with a trip through the starbucks drive thru!
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