changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

it's an excuse for him to spend half the day running around in his underpants. flex, today.

"this rabbit can't move anymore 'cause it doesn't got a face 'cause i ate it," oliver just told me.

we're embarking on day number two of staying home from school and feeling fine and dandy thanks to the interlacing of a frighteningly raging fever last night shortly after he went to bed.

my sister and niece were able to come over for a visit yesterday, so it was nice he was here for that. both kids were particularly shy about the visit. about halfway through, oliver crawled under a blanket on the couch and was lights out all of a sudden, snoring his little child snore. so i knew there was still something brewing in there because that child does not go to sleep without some level of a struggle.

late in the afternoon, i took them out for a walk through the clouds of mosquitoes in our jungle courtyard and we were followed by that overly-friendly tuxedo cat that i saw scaring the shit out of this old lady a couple of weeks ago, and he looked like pig pen, only with mosquitoes instead of dust and violet was all over that and i could not keep her from following him back into mosquito territory or keep cat from bringing mosquito territory with us.

we got back around to our door to discover oliver had once again locked the knob. did i ever tell you about that time months ago, the same weekend he graciously and fancifully cracked that GODDAMNED WINDOW, when he did the same thing and we experienced highway robbery as perpetrated by the locksmith?

i wasn't happy. we had found the keys for the lock, but i kept it in my purse. which was inside. the ONE TIME i was out without my purse. by some stroke of magical and unprecedented luck, brian was on his way home and actually had another of the door knob keys on him, so i only had to suffer through twenty minutes of rambunctious children and no locksmith.

anyhow, we ate chili and around 6:45, oliver was all, "hey, let's go to bed, why don't we." we knew it was the sickness talking, but we said, "hey! lettuce!" and violet was kind of saying the same thing, so little people passed out early.

at 9:00pm, i entered the rest area attached to oliver's room to do my bidding and heard oliver muttering, "something... something... something... my arm..." and i felt bad because at dinner, he had brought over his green toys tool box and sawed off daddy's arms into his shirt sleeves a couple of times and i did the old saw off my thumb and slide it around and back on trick and it had been long enough since he'd seen it that i worried i had actually scared the shit out of him for a second, but then it was saw this off and saw that off until we were about ready to throw the saw out our FUCKING WINDOW.

so, i went in there and he was as hot as a freshly boiled egg, or something. he was glowing in the dark. i poured some meds in him and took him to pee and put a wet washcloth on his forehead and took the cloth back off and gave him water crackers and just plain water. i think he was hallucinating. i would hear him muttering still in there. an hour later, his fever finally broke and i was able to get down to the business of sleeping on the couch. and that's when violet decided to wake up five times in a row and i finally threw in the towel and went to bed.

poor brian HAD to go into work today. i asked him to think of me while lunching with friends and having his nails done. and he bemoaned how he would be eating at his desk with dirty, jagged nails as if that was somehow less preferable to pandemonium with a 30 pound package of walking, in your face germs.

oliver keeps telling me lately that "madame malise modot" is coming over to clean our walls when i'm working or sleeping. it freaks me out a little. it freaked me out a little less when brian reminded me it wasn't a ghost or anything.

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