changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

please don't let oliver upchuck.

i just returned from picking oliver up from school. upon showing myself in the doorway to his classroom, he looked up from his criss cross applesauce position on the floor rug and his face started to screw up into a wail. mrs bailey said he'd been acting really tired and maybe he was coming down with whatever the bug of the month at school is. he passed out immediately in the car and i took no time in feeling like perhaps my own bile was rising in my throat. even though mrs bailey indicated it wasn't a stomach virus going around.

then i burped and felt much better.

this tuesday has been totally messed up and this is the newest wrench. we have soccer practice, which brian was going to take, and a pto meeting, which i was going to take and until yesterday, we thought there might also be a board meeting (well look there... there's a board meeting before the 20th after all!), which the president decided would be too crazy for window talk after all (to be postponed until after the 20th) and then marianne asked if i would like to go tonight with her and annette to see the old 97s playing at borders and now The Illness. it's a good night for doppelgangers.

i mean, brian could still stay with the kids here and let me go to the PTO meeting, but i'm starting to feel beat down, what with being psychosomatically ill and all. i would really like to go to bed right now.
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