changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

blessings, mr bear.

the school has this thing where they want to bless your pet once a year. so when that time has rolled around the two years prior, brian and i just suggest that we take ozzy up there and then we laugh and laugh. maybe they could get him to stop:
a) gorging so quickly on kibble he throws it all right back up, or
b) gorging so quickly on water in absence of kibble he throws it right back up

i don't know if they've suggested it in the past, but the school was saying in lieu of a pet, send up a photo of one or a stuffed animal. so mr bear went to school today. barely. bearly... hahaha. i had to run back upstairs for him when my mind decided to actually remember before pulling into the parking lot and seeing dogs running amok.

and there were dogs running amok, along with the spare kitten and lizard. i started to get back in the car to go home, but violet was in love with the sight of all those four legged beasts, so i made the mistake of hanging around. she was puppy love unleashed. hahaha. i could not restrain that child. all the school children eventually filed out to the dewy grass around the flag pole and some man in a dress came around and started doing whatever it was he was doing and i realized it was going to take 100 years of wrangling violet and keeping her from falling in the wet, dirty grass ten more times before mr bear could find entrance into heaven.

it turns out oliver had decided he needed brian's poo bag to live underneath this rug he'd been using for music time. it was right there in the middle of the living room floor and practically underneath my foot when i came out of the bedroom yesterday evening to take us to soccer practice. just like magic. poof. poo bag.

violet loves kicking soccer balls around, btw. and she's found the stick i use to brace the sliding glass door and enjoys wielding it in a frightening manner around the house. perhaps she'll grow up to be a gym teacher.
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