changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

poo. rainbows.

brian lost his poo bag.

he was tearing the place up last night at bedtime. i'm not sure how one goes about losing a poo bag, but i think he wanted to blame me. he swears it is silver and shiny and fancy and was inside the original cardboard box. this is the cardboard box that was threatening to sully the integrity of my birthday banners by hanging out on top of them. i picked it up, peeked inside at the packing slip and tossed it on the floor. he picked it up 15 seconds later and unleashed his searching fury as if i had somehow lost the poo bag in those 15 seconds.

so, there in the freezer his feces continue to sit. i'm pretty sure i had a dream, cough-cough nightmare, about them. i'm not sure what's supposed to happen next, but he was acting like that silver bag was a one of a kind, never to be duplicated in its fabrication kind of item when i suggested procuring another one. "i'm pretty sure they don't have one of these just sitting around the UPS office."

last night, oliver got existential again and showed a pleasing balance of right brain and left brain handshaking when he quizzed me saying, "how many rainbows are in a pentagon?"

not long after, he took brian's iphone with its psychadelic rainbow tracer app (not as fancy as it sounds) and took it out to the balcony and shouted, "ABRACADABRA!" as loud as he could about 15 times, saying he was letting the rainbow colors loose. he then took his four-rainbow drawing out to the balcony and set those colors free as well. they identified the rainbows in the leaves of the tree and pinks and blues of the sky when oliver went with brian to walgreen's to pick up a prescription.

oliver missed breakfast this morning. consequences raining down over here.

violet has figured out that she can place the acorns she acquires out on the sidewalk in her pumpkin bucket that keeps coming to school with us. i anticipate an increase in the number of acorns on my floor soon.
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