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june 23rd: six years of love and labor. and not a single photo of anyone under the age of five.

you will never believe this. on our sixth anniversary this year, brian and i went out as a couple. WITHOUT A SINGLE CHILD.

the last time we had been out without children was around september of 2008, when darren accompanied us to the magnetic fields show. before that, i cannot recall. surely there was something between then and the time we went to cirque du soleil the fall of 2006. seriously. oh yes, we got a couple of hours to go out with friends for drinks after my birthday in august of 2007(?) and a couple of hours at the xmas party following our faux wedding in december of 2007. there you have it. the history of our time alone as a couple since the birth of our children 4 years ago.

this year, i actually remembered our anniversary ahead of time and continued to remember it through the chaos of two birthday parties and two birthday days and father's day. i asked my sister the week before if she would mind driving the distance to put the kids down for bed, something we'd never had anyone but me do with violet. not even brian. since she's a pretty selfless person, she agreed right away.

and there she was. on our doorstep. just like that.

a couple of days prior, when i had seen her last, she had said, "well, i'll definitely see you on wednesday." and i responded, "wednesday? wednesday? what am i forgetting about wednesday?" and she said, "wednesday?" and i was getting panicked until she pointed out it was my anniversary.

good grief.

so the day arrived and after brian was finished being a working fool, we kissed children and headed out. we decided to combine eating and drinking into one experience and thusly chose the meridian room, the site of our first date, as our destination. which worked out better than we thought after we were reminded that wednesdays are half price food nights and we were feeling poorer than ever, what with congress taking a break without extending my freshly expired unemployment monies. so i indulged my waistline with portabella fries and brian nibbled on a grilled cheese? a veggie burger? something hands-driven. i don't know.

at some point during our stay there, i started playing this What If game that i like to play and that brian apparently does not like to play. it's like... what if i had met and dated dave first? would you still have gone out with me when we inevitably broke up? what if dave and i had moved into a condo and had children and then divorced? would you have taken me and my dave-babies in? you know... it's that game designed to allow the other person to tell you he loves you so much he would take dave's sloppy seconds. instead, brian just got pissed. like, maybe he thought i wanted to be dave's love interest, i don't know. but it was good because just when the night was taking a direct nosedive into unrescuable territory, he apologized. and then apologized like two more times later. ! happy anniversary!

anyhow, i was itching for a delirium tremens, but went with something off the board, thinking i'd save us some cash and then this very large beer arrived. and then another. and then the equally large tab. those were $9 beers! come along now!

we took it in poor man's stride and decided to take a little walk around the blocks and visited the gate to dave's old place and tried to figure out where that little pool is that they all dipped in when we were first dating. we watched women doing some kind of modern dance through the window of another place and stared through the glass of abandoned offices and storefronts.

when we returned, i think it was closing in on 11:00 and violet was up and crawling around the living room having a big time. ugh. it took five million years to get that child to sleep.



this is a photo demonstrating how very large my beer was. as you can see, it was even making brian a little drunk.

this is a photo demonstrating what i look like sitting on the commode at the meridian room.

i was amazed to realize they still have the same "art" adorning the back of the stall door as they did seven or eight years ago. i'm pretty sure i posted it back then, too. it's held up pretty well for being on a door where drunk people urinate and defecate and possibly shoot heroin (it isn't that seedy a place, but you never know) by the hundred per day.

self-portrait through a window. self-portrait on the sidewalk. it appears brian also went on a date with stevie nicks. or a victorian lady.

self-portrait with street light.

the moon was feeling friskier than we were.

dashing home at top speeds.
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