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a little of this.

i've been working like it's going out of style over here. two jobs. the new one and the mom one. it's a lot to do. and when i'm not busy working one of those, i sit here unable to perform any kind of a useful task. like making dinner. or, remembering to make dinner. or posting about my long forgotten summer. or last weekend.

violet's been at the age for awhile where everything is like a treasure chest. a box of old remotes, a bag of recycling, oliver's shoe drawer, daddy's work bag. treasures waiting to be discovered over and over, just as soon as mommy's finished cleaning them out from the last round of tearing through them with shouts of, "by golly! would you look at what i've found here!" it's cute and fun to watch, but it ends up looking kind of like a war is being waged by one half of your stuff versus the other half of your stuff. no matter how much you come through picking up, it all falls immediately back apart right after you with a mortar shell blast. never mind how i haven't had time to vacuum the floors every other day for the past month. just make sure you wear your shoes and don't look down.

it cracks me up when i tear up some bread for violet in her little, wooden bowl and she scarfs it down and comes tottering back over to me with the bowl dangling from her tiny hand and she pushes it up to my face to ask for more. like some kind of a real person. and her interest in clothing continues to grow. she is currently coming over to me again and again with a sandal she found in oliver's drawer and having me put it on her foot. god help you if you don't help her dress up. especially since she has decided to begin showing her impatience with a lion's roaring. we're trying to work through that.

we went to froggie's yesterday afternoon to get a book to take to a birthday party this afternoon at pump it up, which will later be donated by the recipient to the school library. i chose marshmallow because the cat in it is named oliver. there was another book where a boy named oliver got a baby sister and wanted a baby brother, but it wasn't a caldecott award winner. we also have a book about a bear named oliver who likes to play with leaves. it's like there are people out there writing for my child. anyway, they have all these hats at froggie's and violet wanted to wear the one that made her look like there was a lamb's head on her head. and then she wanted me to put more hats on top of that hat and she roared when i wasn't accomodating quickly enough and the worker bee raised his eyebrow. now she's wailing because i'm not putting floaties on and off her arms for the eleventh time.

this was my first week running solo at the new/old job. people keep saying, "hey! what a first week you're having!" and it really has been such a trial-by-fire kind of first week, i keep getting confused because it feels like i've worked three weeks in the course of one and why does everyone keep talking about my first week. it's political season and i keep finding myself working until 10 or 11 every night and we've been trying this new thing with violet where brian can get her back to sleep for one more round so that she doesn't come to bed with us until five-ish and then she nurses for 20-30 minutes before sitting up and squealing, "hey! what do you want to do now, guys!" and i get to just be awake forever. so very tired.

we think violet's teething. she still only has four teeth and i'd kind of forgotten more would be on the way. brian forced me to ask the doctor on wednesday, at the surprise fifteen month check up, if we should be concerned about the teeth, and i let her know that by "we", i meant "he." she said there was some labyrinthine path that linked delayed teeth with great height. she's 30in tall (50th%), something like 20 pounds (5-10th%) and a 50-75th% sized noggin. when the nurse read off something like 54 for her head circumference, i was a little alarmed and imagining the waistband of the pants of a very large man. centimeters, though. like we're in england all of a sudden.

last night, while i was nursing violet to sleep, oliver came in and said he was going to get a cube (one of those little air pillows amazon likes to include with your orders) and put it way up under our covers in the middle of our bed so that it would help us rest our bodies. and he did. oskar has found it today and made himself at home upon it.
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