changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003


two really shitty nights for sleeping around here. after getting up at 5:55am saturday morning for our big day of fun, violet decided to come down with a fever during the middle of saturday night and kept us (me) up for hours. last night, i was up working until 10:45, and i didn't even finish my java class and final, which is due today, assuming i've calculated my extension correctly. i hit the couch around 11 and finally started drifting off around midnight. was called to bed shortly after and both kids decided to get up about an hour plus early today.

i had secret wishes that brian would finally choose today to be the day that he likes me more than sleep and would prove it by saying, "hey, i'll get up with the kids and let you catch an extra 20 minutes of sleep." instead, he rolled over and tried to find his other lover under the covers while children whirled around us.

at this point, i'm thinking it would do more good to pour the coffee directly on me, rather than in me.
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