changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

thud one.

today is going to be a doozy.

first though, i'm happy to report that except for a major crying jag around 9pm and a much tinier sniffling jag around 10pm, violet slept until 6:00am. i woke up on the couch at a lucky 5:55am. lucky because we weren't in there with the alarm clock and because we have to be out of here at 7:40. oh shit. that's less than 30 min. and even then, i think i woke up violet by banging around the house getting ready.

brian went to get her out of bed and remove a fortunately poopy diaper (fortunate because we won't have to worry so much about a poopy diaper while we're out for five contiguous hours) and she came toodling out like a basket of sunshine and roses. with her shoes and socks on.

we were going to skip our soccer game this morning since it's times coincided with the annual Parent Ed/Back to School Picnic and then the coach managed to get the time changed to a gloriously early 8am. EIGHT A M! that means leaving the house in time to get there 10 minutes early, which isn't going to happen.

i had to whip up vegan pancakes for the kids, which oliver decided he didn't like even though he didn't like them yesterday and then ate two, fix lunch for both kids, fix coffee for myself, put on my face and hair, and i'm hoping at some point i'll be putting on day clothing. it is too much.

these kids are going to be a solid mess by the time 1:30 rolls around. especially that little one.

and violet finally fell off the couch just now. oliver claims he didn't push her. but i want to know is did he pull her?

oh, and holy shit, bower birds.
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