changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

little monkey.

oh, for cryin' out loud. can i get a break.

rumors were flying several evenings ago that violet had broken the barrier that kept her from climbing up on the couch.

yesterday, my mommy senses became heightened while i was working and i had a bad feeling.


today, she was at it again and i scooted the coffee table way back so at least her landing would be a flat thud and not a pointed or edged thud. oliver was such a little pinball at that age, he could find a way to flip around three times in mid-air and then bounce so that he would do things like whack the back of his head on the edge of the table or get his eyebrow busted on the woodwork of a stair railing.

violet was standing up and i would say, "NO! sit down." which obviously meant it was a game and was hilarious to stand, wait for me to say NO!, and then plop down like she was going to unfurl on to the floor (which oliver would have done). i put her down by the little kitchen and went back to work, but it didn't last long. she was in there experimenting with getting up and down and giving me a heart attack. i just had to walk away. there is nothing more i can do but wait.
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