changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003


my livejournal life continues to spiral helplessly, hopelessly out of control.

the same goes for my online student life. i've acquired a 10 day extension. my sql class will now start before my java class ends.

i just searched the kitchen for swamp gas. i just ran the disposal with some liquid soap to try and rid the sink of the smell. and then, i realized it was violet's pants causing the fuss. this has happened more than once.

violet got her first pair of shoes at the target last night. they are brown, but did not escape the smattering of pink flowers. they are pretty cute, if a little big. i'm not convinced they are going to match many of her clothes. the selection of little girl shoes out there is rife with sparkles and pink and silver and flowers and butterflies. there are some downright trampy numbers out there. how about some silver flip flops with a rainbow of rhinestones?

oliver found a lovely pair of shiny mary janes in a deep pink hue. they fit him perfectly.

i fear she's going to be one of those ridiculous women with an absurd shoe fetish. she screamed bloody murder at me until i slapped a pair of shoes on her feet. i mean, she was totally, totally losing her shit wanting to have shoes put on her feet. she slid down in the seat of the cart until she was practically strangling her ribs with the belt and was turning red and purple and crying and thrusting her right foot up into the air... over the upper rung of the cart seat. screaming.

oliver's pick.
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