changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

35mm: an accidental violet photo-fest

i've been meaning for two months to take a photo of the kids with their birthday signs after realizing i hadn't done it the day of the party. i also wanted a chance to try it with a flash after finally finding the working flash and working batteries. yeah. still needs some work there. i finally took the signs down last week and oliver was all, "hey, mommy. why did you take down my birthday sign?" i'm surprised he even noticed. i stopped having the ability to see them within a week after the party.


one of violet's favorite activities is "petting" the cats. she will chase them down in the house, slithering after them with the speed of an impala. that slithers. here is the violet cat series. here's hoping i haven't posted the video here before.


the other day, she happened upon a bowl of wooden foods oliver had left behind and took over. she was dragging that thing all over, stirring away and eating her deciduous feast.


her hair looks awful, but i was enjoying the way she intuitively knew to put a little duck basket on the crook of her elbow. which reminds me, i need brian to email me that walking video already. because she's been doing that. my mom told me she took steps in her office a couple of weeks ago. a few days later, brian claimed the same. then, i FINALLY saw her doing it last week and it counted. she took some steps at Meet the Teacher last friday and several other times around the house. anyway. duck basket.


hey, look. it's oliver. he said, "take a picture of me CHEEEEEEEESE."


she was scooting all over the place on this thing several days ago. she was cuter before the camera came out, holding that noodle out like a giant, foamy sabre.



a couple of days ago, she was making a little picnic for herself. like, she put the bowl on there herself and then climbed on to sit down.


i've been super busy this week, or i'd be happy to tell you how it's going. currently, i feel like i'm floating around with my skin stripped off. not in the way that seems totally disgusting, but kind of more like a nerve that's lost its myelin sheath. no protection. no buffer. no room for error. just raw and out there.
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