changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

the weather down here.

oh my lord.

it is actually NICE outside.

i realized this while walking to my car at 8am this morning, trying to figure out where my gym bag had gone, and noticed i could breathe easily and it didn't feel like my skin was literally burning off of me.

three quarters of the way to school, it occurred to me i could turn off my a/c.

windows are OPEN and a door is cracked.

my sister claims the 114 degree temperatures the other day were in her part of the world, 45 minutes away. she said the following day was 92 and yesterday was 80. it is the apocalypse.

and now i'm a little freaked out that summer feels like it's sliding away. it's not supposed to be over 96 for the next 10 days. it's been so hot, i think 96 is cool weather. i'm considering taking children to the park again. it's been a long time. violet has probably forgotten what a swing is.
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